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  1. BearDown1

    Panthers signing former Bears scoring leader

    Why do you waste people's time with this shit?
  2. BearDown1

    BOOM Bears Trade #1 to Panthers

    DJ MOORE with it! Unreal!
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    The Mock Off Season

    Don't you have anything better to do than posting mocks daily.....
  4. BearDown1

    NBA trade deadline discussion

    They won't get shit done. They think they can sneak into the playoffs and actually compete as is.
  5. BearDown1

    First Overall Pick Mock Off Season

    lmao this is one of the dumbest mocks I have seen yet.
  6. BearDown1

    Dalton is the starter when healthy

    It was 7-0 at half lol
  7. BearDown1


    Not even a slight chance they win the division.
  8. BearDown1

    Is Justin Feilds Injured?

    If he was injured they wouldn't have had him on the field at all Sunday.
  9. BearDown1

    Sean DESAI gonna be up in the booth and not ON the sidelines this SEASON

    Gee....look what happened Sunday night. Garbage
  10. BearDown1

    I haven't seen this much vitriol thrown at a coach by national media in quite some time

    No they won't. Because they don't care. They are tired of trying to carry an offense every game.
  11. BearDown1

    Sean DESAI gonna be up in the booth and not ON the sidelines this SEASON

    Who cares, this defense is going to suck anyway.
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    NBA Free Agency Thread

  13. BearDown1

    Bears are going to give Justin Fields a lot of work during preseason games

    Nagy already said there is no shot Fields starts week 1.
  14. BearDown1

    Yeah, Whatever. Watson to the moon!

    This will never happen.
  15. BearDown1

    is Montgomery being traded???

    They have a better rb in philly already. wtf would they want with monty
  16. BearDown1

    Who’s the next QB Bust that Pace drafts?

    An inept offensive line and then an injury.
  17. BearDown1

    Press Conference at 10

    Deflection deflection deflection........Media actually being fairly direct but every question is avoided