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  1. cubsneedmiracle

    Question on Castro hitting philosophy

    Which would you rather him do.. and why?
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    Pictures of Morons

    Here's one from a friend from High School..
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    Current up and coming team the Cubs should emulate with rebuilding

    The Mariners. If you look at the way they are constructed with some high draft picks either by them or others. Sprinkled in with some key additions. If this is 2014 or 2015 and we look similar in terms of development at the MLB level. We will be on the right track.
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    Baseball at 90% the speed of light

    Friend put this on my FB Found it pretty sweet.
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    What's the stuff that creeps you out?

    I'll start off.. One on the left.. Went to high school with..
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    2012 Cubs Draft Thread

    The time is almost near!! The Cubs have the 6th Overall pick in the first and two sandwich round picks.. #43 and #56
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    Rizzo call-up... In June?

    Rizzo's Cubs call-up will be discussed soon -
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    Just an idea..

    So we have the three prospects.. Rizzo, Jackson, Vitters.. Within reasonable time away from the big call up.. Instead of bringing each one up separately and putting them under pressure by themselves.. Why not all three at the same time? It should lessen the pressure on them individually.. Also...
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    Becoming Audio Engineer..

    I'm looking at a new career.. Anyone know any training or schooling.. This is something that I've had an interest in for awhile.. and trying to find something for schooling that's not a DeVry..
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    The Running Thread

    Didn't want to post this in the sneakerhead thread.. I'm desperately in the market for new running shoes.. as my old Asics are falling apart. Any recommendations..
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    Baseball gear

    Figure we can talk about what brands we like and where any deals are at since it's almost that time of year again
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    Ask CNM.. Topic.. relationships and hoes

    Ask away. I shall answer.
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    Where should CNM move to?

    It's pretty much to the point where I can't stand living on the family farm anymore.. Too much shit.. too many lazy dumbass people to deal with.. Where is the best place to get a full time job in the Western Burbs? (I'm not JoeCawks.. I can actually get a job lololol ) Along with that.. Where...
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    SW The Old Republic Thread

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Release on 12.20.11 Anyone planning on buying it?
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    Just a warning to those that are looking for jobs

    Temp services are shitty. That is all.
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    CCS Official Troll thread

    :troll: Trolling Sauron - YouTube Darth Vader Troll - YouTube
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    Which locomotive should CNM buy next?

    KCS is the black and red one BNSF is the orange
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    Avatar Revolution - Characters from Chicago movies

    I've got Elliot Ness - Kevin Costner from The Untouchables
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    Crane Kenney to be out before new season

    Several sources indicating he's gonna be gone.
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    Official Epstein Thread (Epstein baseball side prez/Hoyer is GM)

    Kurkjian and Olney both on this.