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  1. BMR31

    2nd best SG in Bulls history

    Jerry Sloan? Reggie Theus? Ben Gordon? Quentin Daily?
  2. BMR31

    OK lets talk Paulie

    He has had a great career, and doesnt seem to be slowing down. He has a grand slam, in the world series, on a world series winning team. How high does Paulie rank on the list of all time sox greats???
  3. BMR31

    Do The White Sox Win The Division?

    Of course, i want to say yes. But how can i? :crazydance:
  4. BMR31

    Screw the lockout

    But when does it end? I want an exact date? I already miss hoops..........
  5. BMR31

    The best(okay 2nd best)

    We all know MJ was the best of all time. Who was/is your second best of all time????????????:beerbang:
  6. BMR31

    Remove the best player from each team

    No other changes. Assume the season is played in full. Who would win the next championship? :dunno: Boston?
  7. BMR31

    10 seconds left in the game

    You inbound the ball. You cant choose Jordan. Who, in NBA history, takes your last shot?