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  1. Gator29

    Atomic Gator Show Premires:

    I will be starting a radio show torrorow. The radio show will be discussing hot topics from Current Event, Sports, News, and etc. I'm hoping that we have fun, clean, and friendly to discuss about the topics. 11 p.m. EST, or 8 PST Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 98025
  2. Gator29

    Welcome Back:

    Hi everyone, I was gone for one month from CCS. It was great time to reflect that I want change my behavior and action on CCS. I know that it would some time to improve. I do deserve a second chance. Thanks, Gator29
  3. Gator29

    I have twin brother.

    My twin brother is named Mud. Gotcha. April Fool....
  4. Gator29

    Radio Shows:

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  5. Gator29

    Your favorite books:

    List your favorite books: Who moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson Born on Blue Sky by Daniel Tammet The Broker by John Grisham
  6. Gator29

    Cyber Bullying

    Cyber Bullying: any type of bullying that is carried out by electronic medium such as : 1.Text message bullying 2.Picture/video clip bullying via mobile phone cameras 3.Phone call bullying via mobile phones 4.E-mail bullying 5.Chat-room bullying 6.Bullying through Instant Messaging (IM)...
  7. Gator29

    Before You Choose That College...

    Before You Choose That College... - Yahoo! Finance I would recommend that every high school student should read this info. It would help you with planning your future.
  8. Gator29

    Happy St. Patrick Day

    Don't wear your green stuff!!! I had posted about common myth 13 Common Myths of St. Patrick's Day: Myth: Shamrocks are associated with the holiday because St. Patrick used them as a teaching tool for the pagan Celts he converted to Christianity. The Shamrock's 3 leaves symbolize the holy...
  9. Gator29

    If Someone gave you money

    I was reflecting today after I was watching the secret millionarie from my recorded tv. I would use the money for my business. My business would funded the disabled workers to work in resturant. I will find chefs to teach them how to cook professionally. Disabled person could learn to become...
  10. Gator29

    Favorite Cookie Thread

    Cookie Monster said, "I want cookies now." Tell me what is your favorite cookie. I'm fan of Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  11. Gator29

    Pray for Japan

    I can't believe what happen to Japan. Japan is considered for well-prepare for massive siutation, but their city is massive destroyed. The earthquake cause tsuanmi warnings for Pacfic areas.
  12. Gator29

    Funny Jokes Thread

    Post your favorite joke here that you want to share on.
  13. Gator29

    Spring Break

    I'm so excited for Spring Break to be here. My spring break would be begin March 18 to end March 28. I'm planning home most time, but I will getting a lot rest and searching for intership. I don't want go vacation during this spring break because I need money save right now. What is your plans...
  14. Gator29

    Michael Phelps

    Phelps cleans up with 2 more gold medals in Indy - Yahoo! Sports Go USA!!! I love watching the swimming part of Olympic.
  15. Gator29

    Need help

    I need help to edit my paper for Compensation class. I need write a conclusion and fix minor adjustment in my paper. Would have time to edit a paper for me?
  16. Gator29

    Best Companies for Job Offers

    Yahoo! Finance - Financially Fit I will want share this info on it.
  17. Gator29

    American's Most Toxic City

    America's Most Toxic Cities, 2011 - Yahoo! Real Estate Bakersfield is ranked 2nd in this list. This is my hometown that I live in. I was shocked to see it.
  18. Gator29

    What is your favorite tv shows?

    My Top Three: V No Ordinary Family Amazing Race
  19. Gator29

    Patrick's Day

    I'm ready for March 17 already because it is my last day class. Green is my favorite color also. I love pinching the person who don't wear green also. I like cooking irish food such as cabbages, and corn beef. It is better than Valentine Day's.
  20. Gator29

    The Mechanic

    I was expecting an action movie, but I have completely wrong. I saw a lot porn and violence during movie. I don’t recommend this movie that you should watch… I would give this movie F. It would be given Worst of the movie 2011.