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  1. Brad Biggs: Fields hasn't played well enough; has not arrived as a passing QB

    How many QBs throw for 300+ yards with 15-20 attempts? Biggs is lazy. The problem is the play calling, which could be a direct result of a brutal OL and bad WR's. We start a guy at WR who's best trait is that he can block.
  2. Do the right thing Poles...

    I don't blame people for thinking Getsy was something special, hell national TV folks were talking head coach for him. Not so much. Look at his college play calling. He would call around 20 pass plays a game. Not going to cut it. Yesterday while getting blown out he threw the ball 25...
  3. Do the right thing Poles...

    Well this didn't age very well. A talented play caller? Remember in middle school when you had the best athlete ? You put him at QB and ran sweeps with him and he ran all over teams. That is what this idiot tries to do in the NFL. And then at the end of the game you keep at it, hoping that he...
  4. Do the right thing Poles...

    Comparing him to Nagy? lol. Yes he is a product of Fields. I like Kmet, and yes he has benefited from having Fields. Again my point was most football people not named Nagy would use Fields like this. If that makes Getsy great so be it. Third and two and your QB runs for a 60+ TD on an end...
  5. Do the right thing Poles...

    Herbert has been really good. Partly do to the threat of Fields running, but I take the average run game and change it to above average.
  6. Do the right thing Poles...

    Getsy is a product of Fields. Without Fields being a one man show what would we think of Getsy. Ok so he has called run plays for him...most non football people could have figured that out. It's like people gushing that the Bears are a great running team...No Fields is an amazing runner. The...
  7. Pace Moves Up (AGAIN lol) To Pick Another Failed tOSU QB

    Good lord do many of you wake up and are pissed that its a new day.....everyday?
  8. Pace Moves Up (AGAIN lol) To Pick Another Failed tOSU QB

    Here we go, lets start ripping the Bear QB right now. Its a right of passage
  9. The forgotten Riley Ridley

    the big question is why is he on the roster if they are not going to use him?
  10. Teddy Bridgewater

    good lord
  11. ***OFFICIAL*** Patrick Mahomes has lost the Super Bowl thread

    Mahomes looked like Garo Yepremian running backwards and throwing up crap. Could have had 6 plus picks by just chucking the ball up in the air when running backwards. One of the worst qb super bowl performances in history. He had no answer from jump street.
  12. Once again, the defense did their job. Once again, Trubisky did not.

    My God, Rogers was almost perfect....and the D did its job?
  13. Darnell Mooney

    You seem to be high on Trask. I don't see it. if he is drafted by the Bears I hope you are right!
  14. Only way to beat GB

    When you look up is there always an anvil falling from the sky right at you?
  15. David Montgomery

    Don't even try and explain how things work....most won't get it
  16. The Benching Dropped his nuts

    Ok...Put your cheese head hat on Sun and have a ball
  17. The Benching Dropped his nuts

    Sure he made bad throws and the one in the end zone was terrible. Just wondering, do you have the Red Zone? Do you see every week the terrible throws and Ints all QB's make?
  18. David Montgomery

    I give up
  19. David Montgomery

    My comment is they are able to move the ball through the air which allows them to run. They had two drives in the second half that ended in FG's. Nice mix of run and pass. The Texans held the ball a lot in the second. I'm sorry, I'm not a big Nagy fan but this game was run perfectly. If you can...
  20. David Montgomery

    Because when good teams build a lead they keep building it. They do not go into a shell. First downs keep the clock moving in the second half. Does not matter how you get them. If you want to run, run, pass and then punt for two quarters then be my guest. Watch a lead evaporate. No matter what...