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  1. Snorch


    Has anyone been there, And what is there to do
  2. Snorch

    Greg Little

    IMO, if Greg Little clears waivers the Bears should sign him if a decent deal can be worked out
  3. Snorch

    Pierre Desiar

    I think this is the pick
  4. Snorch


    do you think he would be a good pick for this D
  5. Snorch

    In this draft, I could see trading down

    I can see us going down at least twenty spots and getting a second and forth this year with a first next year. I think a lot of players that we maybe targeting are low ones early seconds.
  6. Snorch

    Backup QB

    Who is it. Would Josh Freeman be an option
  7. Snorch

    My shot at a January offseason mock

    Cut--Peppers, Bush and E Bennett Resign--Ratliff and Josh/ plus roster fillers FA signings-- DE-Mike Bennett and C-Ryan Wendell Draft 1) Kony Ealy DE Mizz-----------------Takes over from day one 2) Louchiez Purifoy CB Flo-----------Fills Peanuts spot plus major speed 3) Kelcy Quarles DT...
  8. Snorch

    Donald Brown

    After cutting Bush in March would you sign Donald Brown for a $2mill 2 year contract? And would he take it.
  9. Snorch

    Would you

    Trade Peppers and Urlacher for James Starks? Just think about it, We get rid of those huge contracts on underperforming players and get a quality RB that could start from day one. It would also help keep Forte fresh for the forth quarters. Might we need to hold out for Green Bays 7th to get that...
  10. Snorch

    Micheal Bennett

    Got a sack for Seahawks
  11. Snorch


    I hope he is gone, so tired of him playing out of control
  12. Snorch

    Watching the Raiders game with Roach

    Somewhat makes me want to puke watching the game, But I'm thinking Roach as a Bear LB right now would be a major plus
  13. Snorch

    Brady Quinn

    I would be all for bringing this guy on
  14. Snorch

    Jets talk again

  15. Snorch

    If Urlacher signs with another team

    What kind of compensation do you think we will get next year??????????????? a 4th is my guess, maybe 5th
  16. Snorch

    With Hardin coming back

    Its just like a bonus third round safety
  17. Snorch

    The front seven

    This D just got way more physical and younger. Its a stretch to say they will all pan out, but it's a start. Plus the OLINE looks to really have gotten some solid prospects. I would have liked some sexier picks but this is what we needed right now. Some talent is still there in the FA market to...
  18. Snorch

    Next pick

    I'd like to DE Cornelious Washington from Georgia or QB Matt Scott
  19. Snorch

    Landry Jones

    If he is there in round 4 would you take him? Do you think he will be there?
  20. Snorch

    Crowd noise

    I was at the game last night Being there I would say about 30K Bears fans showed up. I was at the 2010 game vs Dallas and IMO this game had more Bear fans there. My question is did it show over TV that the Bears fans showed and did the brodcast talk about it?