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  1. Keeper Fantasy league

    i run a league where you get to keep 3 keepers + 2 rookies. I have 2 teams open. We draft March 16 4 CT. If interested please PM me. League will be going into its 6th year
  2. Rebuilding Length

    Im bored so figured i do some research on how long it takes for small-medium markets to rebuild teams. I wont do Big Markets cause clearly Cubs not acting like a Big Market but rather a small-medium market team ALE: Tampa- 1998-2007 10 yrs of losing...
  3. MLB.TV Offseason package

    For the 3rd straight year i just broke down and bought it. What i do is go through and watch all the Cub Wins. Whats point of watching losing games for 2nd time? Then after im done watching all the W i go back to each day and pick the highest scoring game of the day and watch that. Good way to...
  4. Letter From Ricketts

    Got this in my email today. Enjoy
  5. Small Market Cubs????? Catcher - 600K Castillo 1B - 1.6 mil Rizzo 2B- 1.5 mil MAX Barney 3B- 1.5 mil MAX Valbuena SS- 6 mil Castro LF- 500K Lake CF- 500K Bogu RF- 3.5 mil Nate Everday lineup projected payroll 15.7 mil Backup C- ...
  6. Theo Trades another Cub (sort of)

    Henry Schulman ‏@hankschulman 4m Moscoso 7-5, 3.93 ERA for the AAA Iowa Cubs. #sfgiants sending Cubs cash or PTBNL
  7. CHC vs COL

    Only reason to make this thread is to see if Garza shaking hands tonight
  8. Cubs trade for RP Henry Rodriguez

    2015 here the Cubs come :cubstroll2:
  9. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Keeper League

    League is in its 4th year. You would take over a team from last year. You get to keep 3 players + 2 rookies from last year. I have 4 open teams as of now. Hit me up on PM if interested.
  10. Castro, LaHair are 2012 Cubs All-Stars

    Figured he be the one He does deserve it!!! Shocked Cubs got 2 all stars having the worse record in MLB lol Castro i expected but not LaHair. Helped that 1B was bad in NL
  11. A.J Thought he was going to be a Cub

    Good read.
  12. 2013 Chicago Cubs

    I will be playing on MLB The Show 12. I simmed the 2012 season while just making some little moves. I wanted to play with Jackson, Rizzo plus some other specs. I put Sori, Demp, and Marmol on the Trade Block. ARI offered a SP spec for Sori which i jumped on. MIL offered 3 specs for Demp which i...
  13. Cubs Claim Asencio, DFA Bowden

    Surprised Bowden the odd guy out since he was a Theo guy
  14. Volstad to AAA

    Cubs sent Volstad to AAA today to make room for Lalli. Wood is expected to take Volstad spot in rotation on TUE against HOU
  15. Soto to DL

    Question is now who going to backup Castillo? Lali?
  16. Sale To Bullpen NEW UPDATE: Agent Not Pleased 5/11/12

    If elbow sore why woudlnt they just shut him down?
  17. Top 10 SS in MLB?

    MLB Network did a top 10 SS list tonight. Castro was NOT on the list. While guys like Aybar and Hardy make the list. Where would you rate him?
  18. All Wrigley Field renovation thread

    Cubs to install 70-foot LED board in right field
  19. Sveum keeps Jaramillo

    Will shoot myself if Riggins comes back
  20. 5 Years ago today!