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  1. OT: Are we all going to miss DirectTV?

    Living in central Florida, the reception is hit or miss with the usual evening storms, so have the ability to stream it with the Sunday Ticket app is nice. I prefer to record the games so I can start a bit later and zip through the commercials and pause for dinner so my wife doesn't kill me. I...
  2. Streaming tomorrow's game?

    I live in FL and the game isn't playing on any of the channels. I have Sunday Ticket but obviously it doesn't do preseason and NFL+ only does mobile i guess. Will any of the other apps that work on TVs like Fox Sports or ABC or anything have it on?
  3. Bears Free Agency only

    Khari Blasingame! I'm glad the Bears have a FB once again.
  4. The New Shanahan Offense’s needs Part II: Return of the FB

    Someone call Will Taʻufoʻou
  5. 2021 Bottom Roster Guys Who Make it in 2022

    Its gonna be Ryan Nall's year as RB1.
  6. Eberflus, Quinn, Caldwell 2nd Interviews

    I love these offensive-minded candidates. Awesome!
  7. Bears Packer Score Prediction!

    21-14 Bears. Nall with 3 TDs
  8. Damien Williams to Covid List

    Mark my words.. Nall with have 50+ yards rushing with 1 TD & 35+ receiving with 1 receiving TD.
  9. Damien Williams to Covid List

    Ryan Nall Time!
  10. Who's the starting RB now?

    Gentlemen, it's time. Get ready to experience wrecking ball Nall. Nallvasion begins next week!
  11. HUGE NEWS!

    YES! THIS is the news I needed today. This is Nall's season. The wrecking ball will be starting by week 5.
  12. Cuts/trades across the league

    Need someone to carry shit.
  13. Cuts/trades across the league

    Breshad Perriman.. not bad depth
  14. Cuts/trades across the league

    Jordan Howard cut. Maybe he can play H-Back instead of Holtz (sarcasm)
  15. Cuts/trades across the league

    White can't get a break
  16. Bears cuts 8/31

    Probably another TE.
  17. Bears cuts 8/31

    Burns, Tabor, Christian and Roberson are gone. So 4 now.
  18. Bears cuts 8/31

    Bears have like 3 CBs now. Awesome.