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  1. Poles A+++

    In all fairness, based on PFF grades, he was the top rated rookie tackle of the class. He outplayed a number of first round picks. The Detroit game was horrible but he did well compared to his peers.
  2. Sometimes numbers lie and sometimes they don't

    I can agree with that. My original point though was bad olines can make good quarterbacks perform badly. Seeing it in LA, Green Bay, and Tampa Bay this year. Those are 3 super bowl winning quarterbacks that are struggling this year because their olines are damaged. We put a good oline in...
  3. Sometimes numbers lie and sometimes they don't

    Right now, in 1 out of every 5 attempts he gets sacked. You don't think that contributes to getting happy feet? He's in survival mode to trying and avoid a devastating hit which happens once out of every 5 attempts.
  4. Sometimes numbers lie and sometimes they don't

    That is because he has no time. The D line is in his face instantly. Claypool can't get involved because he needs time to run a route and that time isn't there. Coaches can't even trust the line to block at the end when the game is on the line
  5. Sometimes numbers lie and sometimes they don't

    Fields has been sacked 40 times on 228 attempts. That's good for 17.5% on pass attempts. If he was any other QB in the league, that number would be higher because he manages to evade 2-3 sacks a game with his athleticism. Even if you go conservative and say he escaped 11 sack attempts (1 per...
  6. According to ...

    Mustipher is ranked 16th so take these with a grain of salt ... no way he's not the worst center in the league
  7. According to ...

    Jones is 26th out of 80 and Borom is 42nd out of 80. Whitehair was once ranked as high as 8th but is down to 23rd I don't have a subscription so I can't tell how they grade in passing vs blocking. These are summary grades
  8. Is winning the remainder of this season really all that important?

    I agree. Most of the players on this team won't be on next years team. Culture won't be problem if they draft and sign talented players to rack up wins. This is a development year
  9. According to ...

    Braxton Jones is the highest rated rookie tackle in the league. He's significantly ahead of the 1st rounders ... not too shabby Tevin Jenkins is the 6th ranked guard. We just need 3 new starters :(
  10. To unlock the passing game ...

    Given that they just slid into the 6th spot, there's a good chance that can happen. Their schedule doesn't get any easier. Free agent Oline class seems decent ... bare minimum they should be able to pick up a tackle and a guard and maybe draft a center ...
  11. To unlock the passing game ...

    After Oline it has to be Dline. That group is pathetic and the reason they can't stop anyone from hanging 30+ points on them. I'd love a real #1 wideout, but feel like that's a luxury purchase given how bad both line are.
  12. To unlock the passing game ...

    The Bears have to get a real oline. This has to be a priority even over receivers at this point. Even with these receivers they are managing to score points, but it's not a sustainable model for Fields to rush for 130+ yards and 2 touchdowns a game. Any other quarterback behind that line is...
  13. Teven Jenkins is a keeper.

    Pace had 4 top 10 picks in a row. None of them are on the team and only 1 amounted to much. And the next is bad too: Drafted players on the team 2015 - 0 2016 - 2 2017 - 1 2018 - 0 2019 - 1 2020 - 5 2021 - 4 Nail in the coffin: Wins = 42; Losses = 54 Yesh
  14. DLine

    I agree but we're bad in both trenches and need significant help in both. We need 3 new o-line and 3 new D line ...
  15. DLine

    As much as I hate to say it (because I want an Oline influx of talent in the worst way), the DLine is probably the worst unit on the team. Only Justin Jones was a top 100 pick. Everyone else, including the linebackers, was a day 3 or lower pick. It showed in the Miami game.
  16. OLINE

    Give him an offseason of NFL weight training and I think he can improve against the bull rush
  17. LG Cody Whitehair (right knee) to return from injured reserve

    I would put Whitehair back at center and leave LG alone for now. Getting rig of Mustipher is needed
  18. 1st Round Picks

    What's even sadder is that in 20 years the Bears have failed to draft ANY impact players on offense. The best one I can think of is Matt Forte but he could never put the team on his shoulders. That's a pretty low bar in a game that is increasingly about offense.
  19. Mini-bye retooling.

    Mustipher has to go. That move alone will help a ton since he is the worst center in the league. I’d try Borom at guard … it worked for Jenkins …
  20. Some pretty bad comparisons.

    He’s getting pressured on close to 50% of drop backs. That’s the worst percentage since these stats were started back in 2009. Pretty sure that has something to do with it. He’s been sacked 23 times in 6 games and it would be higher if it wasn’t for his insane talent