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  1. Assessing Alfonso Soriano's Value

    more at: Assessing Alfonso Soriano’s Value | FanGraphs Baseball
  2. Matt Garza, Legitimate Number One Starter

    Matt Garza, Legitimate Number One Starter | FanGraphs Baseball
  3. 2012 Organizational Rankings: #14 Chicago Cubs

    2012 Organizational Rankings: #14
  4. The Official why does every thread need to be the official one?

    Why when people make threads do they need to call if the official thread? I have always wondered this.
  5. Aramis Ramirez: All star?

    With Chipper going on the DL someone will have to replace him on the team. Will it be Aramis? Here is his rank among NL 3B (min 250 PA) First in WAR 2nd in BA (by .001) 2nd in OBP 1st in SLG 1st in OPS 1st in wOBA t-1st in wRC+ 1st in RBI's 1st in HR's 2nd in runs Without thinking about it...
  6. Q&A: AJ Pierzynski

    Q&A: A.J. Pierzynski | FanGraphs Baseball
  7. Tom Ricketts and Player Acquisition

    Tom Ricketts and Player Acquisition | Cubs Interesting little article about how the Cubs finally took some first baseman this draft. My favorite part talking about Vogelbach:
  8. Cubs trade value Rankings:

    Cubs Trade Value Rankings | 1. Starlin Castro 2. Geovany Soto 3. Matt Garza 4. Carlos Mamol 5. Sean Marshall 6. Randy Wells 7. Darwin Barney 8. Carlos Pena 9. Kosuke Fukudome 10. Jeff Baker 11. Reed Johnson 12. Ryan Dempster 13. Jeff Samardzija 14. Chris Carpenter 15. Tony Campana 16-21. Roster...
  9. Cubs @ Royals

    vs. at Game 1: 7:10 pm Dempster VS Chen WGN _______ Game 2: 6:10 pm Zambrano VS Duffy WGN _______ Game 3: 1:10 pm Wells VS Hochevar CSN _______
  10. Jose Reyes: Why the Chicago Cubs Should Be Bidders This Winter

    Jose Reyes: Why the Chicago Cubs Should Be Bidders This Winter | Bleacher Report
  11. Video games in Amazon Gold Box today

    Video game deals have filled Amazon’s June 21, 2011 Gold Box | Gamertell | Gamertell I might pick a few up depending on how good of a deal some of them are.

    Its a website where you can play various games and compete for cash. Its pretty good at first but once you win a few times they seem to match you up with better players. They match your first deposit which is nice, and I already cashed out the 20 I put in, so everything now is just extra...
  13. Kenny Williams Should Not Be Immune To Scrutiny

    Kenny Williams Should Not Be Immune To Scrutiny - Offhanded Dribble
  14. Alfonso Soriano's Endless Contract

    MLB: Alfonso Soriano and and how his long-term deal affects the Chicago Cubs - ESPN for those that aren't poor can read the rest at the link.
  15. Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

    Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 review: All decked out | Joystiq anyone else play these games?
  16. Wood to go back to DL?

    Blister problem could land Wood on DL | News
  17. Q&A: JNTG's man crush (Darwin Barney)

    Q&A: Darwin Barney | FanGraphs Baseball
  18. 2011 Draft

    2011 Cubs Draft |
  19. Best mobile games

    What are some games for your iPhone or Android that you absolutely have to have. Right now for me its Orions2. Its just such a good game. Other games that I have played for a long time are. Plants vs Zombies Doodle Jump Angry Birds Sword and Poker Just lots of good games.
  20. Is it time to end home plate collisions?

    I was reading It’s Time to End Home Plate Collisions | FanGraphs Baseball and got me thinking should they really be disallowed? My take on it is if the catcher is blocking the plate then they should be fair game, but a player should not be allowed to go after a defenseless catcher. What are...