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  1. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 2

    Damn right… He’s a Monster… now a Monster of the midway!
  2. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 2

    He’s a good pick.., Would prefer JMS… But D is fine
  3. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 2

    The draft is a reach…
  4. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 2

    Lol.. did I just hear next years draft is in Detroit?
  5. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 2

    Detroit got this one right….
  6. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 2

    That hurt….
  7. Monster

    Love being a Bears fan

    In AZ you see Bears/Cubs shit everywhere.
  8. Monster

    Rounds 2/3 who ya want

    Best available C
  9. Monster

    NFL Draft - Day 1

    A need indeed! 👍
  10. Monster

    KEK even TONYAN is done with Rodgers (and LOVE)

    Puts a whole new spin on doing KEK stands. or was that keg…. I digress.
  11. Monster

    Just So We're Clear

    Given the Bears first round draft history I’m fine with D Moore.
  12. Monster

    KEK the Packers might be SCREWED if Jets back out on Rodgers

    They’re screwed anyway…
  13. Monster

    This is the bottom..

    Just saw NFL Now and appears Aaron is starting. At least for now…
  14. Monster

    🚨Fields Injury Update🚨 - ✨️CLEARED TO START VS THE PACKERS✨️ ❕️❗️❕️❗️

    I did smile when I saw 2 series BMW… Obviously not a great lawyer.
  15. Monster

    AC Joint Injury.

    Yea… I remember feeling like I re-injured it putting a suit jacket on too fast. Hard to switch which arm went first. Lol
  16. Monster

    Jets HC Robert Saleh not committed to QB Zach Wilson as Week 12 starter

    I’d guess attitude over ability… But I do see your point. Likely more issues than we see.