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  1. SiDe WaYs

    We just drafted the 28th graded prospect...

    Holy fuck I didn’t know that. Not one person should complain about this
  2. SiDe WaYs

    This is what competent drafting looks like

    So it’s official. Whitehair is the starting center?
  3. SiDe WaYs

    Jets just hired Hackett as OC Rodgers to Jets CONFIRMED

    Rodgers gonna send dick pics too?
  4. SiDe WaYs

    Mel Kiper doesn't think Bears can trade out of the top pick

    No he said he made that mock draft for a base basically. He wasn’t doing any trades he just put where everyone he thinks would go in his FIRST mock draft. He said they can trade back twice. But just like every year that team needs to be in love with them.
  5. SiDe WaYs

    Bears looking at defensive coordinator candidate

    You’re the hero we don’t deserve. Chris Harris might come back
  6. SiDe WaYs

    Spice Adams pranks Charles Tillman

    Spice is a national treasure the characters he created are amazing and hilarious.
  7. SiDe WaYs

    Bears lead NFL in most 3rd downs

    Well that’s new. Never in my life have I seen a bears offense convert so many third downs.
  8. SiDe WaYs

    New Moderator for the Bears forum.

    Dude it’s like a bunch of little girls bickering back and fourth. And it’s the same shit. Just keeps going in circles. It’s wild how grown ass man can let another grown ass man get under his skin over the internet.
  9. SiDe WaYs

    New Moderator for the Bears forum.

    Wait you mean to tell me there is grown ass men crying to you about other posters? People need to understand it’s the internet. It’s not that serious. I’m sorry you have to deal with those Karens
  10. SiDe WaYs

    OT: Antonio Brown in a police standoff

    He just didn’t want to come out
  11. SiDe WaYs

    But Poles wouldn’t put out an offensive line that would get Fields maimed!

    That’s dope as fuck. Full on tank. Let’s go! It’s also dope he got that award.
  12. SiDe WaYs

    All the Chicago Teams are bad . . .

    What else is new. Seems like once a decade we get one good team. And here I am watching every year with ESPN notifications going off on my phone for all 5 of the teams. But I tell ya. When one of our teams wins it all. It’s a great feeling. It’s a very toxic relationship
  13. SiDe WaYs

    Trade Tevin Jenkins

    Watch out he played sports. So he knows what he’s talking about
  14. SiDe WaYs

    Trade Tevin Jenkins

    Calm down Bob.
  15. SiDe WaYs

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears at Falcons (Cannot Wake From The Tank Edition)

    I thought it was more dangerous for Fields to be out of the pocket?
  16. SiDe WaYs

    OT- Are Refs Cheating?

    It makes sense. It’s a lot of money and these refs are part time remember that. They have regular jobs in the off season.