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  1. circusboy666

    What are YOU doing to help the Bears for the upcoming season?

    As a Bears fan from NY I’ve told all my friends who root for the Jets to go f themselves.
  2. circusboy666

    This mock i did from PFF got all A's or better.

    Congrats. As long as you draft someone expected to go higher than their projected spot you get an A. These mocks are good for NOTHING.
  3. circusboy666

    Khalil Mack expected to be traded or released

    Mack 2 year deal at reasonable price, incentive based, limit snap counts….hell I say do the same with Akiem Hicks. 2 vets who can help on the field at a part time level but also help a ton in the film room/developing and being a leader for these young players.
  4. circusboy666

    With the First overall pick the Chicago Bears...(First pick discussion only)

    Going to trade pic back at least twice, still be in top 10, and have 3 1st rd draft picks this year and next year minimum. Holy fuck.
  5. circusboy666

    ***OFFICIAL ***Justin Fields critique thread. (FTO)

    Who gives a shit about next week?! Continue development while losing games and securing a better draft pick is the best case scenario. FA’s see the potential of a rising star in 2023 and want to come here. It’s as simple as it gets.
  6. circusboy666

    ***OFFICIAL ***Justin Fields critique thread. (FTO)

    I wasn’t sold on fields until about a month ago. He’s legit big game player. Once weapons are here next week it’s going to be even more insane. He is VERY smart.
  7. circusboy666

    Yannick Ngakoue

    No way do I want a 28 year old FA who’s been on 5 teams. He’s on the downside of his career and there is a reason he never got re-signed by any of his 4 previous teams
  8. circusboy666

    For all of the cunting about the refs.

    I see nothing to complain about with this loss. The offense grew across the board leaps and bounds today. Fields looked VERY comfortable and relaxed. The receivers seem to be getting open more. AND it secures a better draft pick! this is what you want to see the rest of the year. An electric...
  9. circusboy666

    *** RUMOR *** Aaron Rodgers to retire at end of year.

    I really prefer a career ending injury to get him to go away. A very painful injury.
  10. circusboy666

    Fields took a BIG step forward today

    Fair enough as that’s what the game dictated but that doesn’t make up for the rest of the games where they aren’t calling enough pass plays to develop him
  11. circusboy666

    Fields took a BIG step forward today

    I read this about 10 times and have no clue what the hell you mean
  12. circusboy666

    Robert Quinn

    Quinn may not be getting the sacks but Muhammad is getting fucking destroyed every game. And Roquan can’t tackle when it counts. And JJ is out. Plenty of issues right now.
  13. circusboy666

    Fields took a BIG step forward today

    He played better and showed off more of his raw skills, but with such limited passing attempts he’s continuing to develop slowly. The team needs to know by the end of the season what they truly got. Holding back with him won’t give you that answer. And there’s a good chance we are a top 3 draft...
  14. circusboy666

    Say Bears are sitting at #3 pick next season...

    I’m really leaning to trading Fields while he still has SOME value and letting this regime pick its QB. Especially if we are a top 3 pick which seems possible.
  15. circusboy666

    So after a quarter of the season, is Roquan worth more than S. Leonard?

    I wouldn’t re-sign him no matter what. Dude is a solid LB. That’s it. Doesn’t get sacks, doesn’t create turnovers, misses too many tackles. We can pay someone 1/4 of his salary to impact the game as much as he does. It’s insane to pay him more than 10 mill just for tackles on the stat sheet. WAY...
  16. circusboy666

    Advanced Stats say maybe the Bears shouldn’t give in to Roquan

    Roquan makes all the plays he should. He fast, smart, delivers hard hits. That doesn’t warrant the salary he wants. He’s not a game changer and not worth worth a hefty contract . I’d personally look to move him and see what draft capital can be gained.
  17. circusboy666

    Jaquan Brisker might be the Mike Brown replacement

    I don’t even read these dumb ass articles and they piss me off. NO ONE replaces #30. He’s a Bears legend.
  18. circusboy666


    Has there been any update on him? Havent heard a single thing since…
  19. circusboy666

    Bears OL in flux.

    They need to bring this shit together fast. Cohesiveness is the most important part especially when the entire line is below league starter standards(besides whitehair)
  20. circusboy666

    Keyshawn says the Bears suck

    Good news for new staff bc anything above the twrrible will look like a success. Personally I like being the underdog as teams look to just walk over you and can get punched in the mouth.