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  1. Do you make the trade?

    I have never understood the “don’t trade in your division…” mindset. Focus on what’s best for the team you are running, and it will work out. The double trade down with Det & GB is a dream scenario as far loading the tram with draft picks. If Poles does his damn job with that many picks, the...
  2. Would you do a Von Miller type trade for Robert Quinn?

    Quinn with Mack would be ideal for the Bears D in 2022. But, if you get offered some decent draft picks for Quinn, Poles better take that offer! Have to always be thinking long term, and Quinn will not be on the Bears when they’re good again…those draft picks would though.
  3. DaveMont anyones notice this?

    DM should get a 2nd contract, he keeps getting better. I know that RB’s are bad places to put really high cap numbers, but I think DM is in a sweet spot for him and the Bears. I don’t think he’d require a top level RB contract to keep. He’s better than average, improving, and entering his...
  4. Next QB/WR dynamic duo?

    I’m in the camp that it is better to draft WR’s. Too many good ones have been coming pro each year that it doesn’t make sense to spend big cap dollars on a FA WR. I believe that WR is similar to RB now, in that it doesn’t make sense to put big cap dollars there. Not sure how the Comp picks...
  5. Trade Dalton to the 'Aints

    Pace should try to trade both Dalton & Foles for anything. Use a later round pick next year for a backup QB.
  6. Carson Wentz out Indefinitely

    Offer them Dalton for a 2nd rd pick. Then use Foles until Fields is ready…would gain a decent amount of cap that can be used for extensions. Also, I believe that Pace should grab a 3rd or 4th rd backup in the next draft anyways.
  7. 2022: Building around Fields

    I just don’t think it’s wise to put lots of cap dollars into a WR who isn’t Deandre Hopkins, or Julio Jones/Calvin Johnson/Randy Moss in their prime. But, Pace has to keep drafting them and get the team stocked with them. Use the cap allocation on OL/DL and eventually QB. This is only...
  8. Trade back into 1st for o line

    No need to trade up! In fact, trade down a few picks and acquire an extra pick....plenty of OT & WR’s to get.
  9. ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - DAY 1

    Hopefully Pace adds an OT & WR with the next 2 picks!
  10. If you’re Ryan Pace...

    If I’m Pace, I need to realize that the following were bad decisions: - Quinn signed for 70 million, when Floyd, who is entering his prime years...could’ve been signed for way less. - DT signed to an immovable contract, when KPL, who is entering his prime years could’ve been signed for way...
  11. POLL: What to do with Mitch Trubisky in 2021?

    First of all, I think Nagy needs to go. Horrible offensive system, the less he is involved in the offense the better it gets. The Oline, Montgomery & Mitch were held back by Nagy. Pace can stay and select the next HC. I think Pace has built a decent team, and is young & learning...
  12. Thoughts and Observations: Bucs

    What are Hick’s contract details? Does it make sense to extend him, maybe it frees up some future cap numbers?
  13. Danny Trevathan PFF grade

    I totally agree with this. KPL passed the eye test to me, with game speed. Kwit was def a bigger harder hitting guy, but KPL for 1/3 of the cost was the way to go.
  14. 2017 draft do over.

    This would of been the new Last Dance type documentary in 20 yrs.... QUOTE="Milky, post: 3369973, member: 8758"] With hindsight in a re-draft Jackson gets taken before both Adams and Lattimore IMO. Doing just a Bears re-draft: RD1[3] Mahommes RD2[45] Juju RD3[67] Kamara RD4[112] Jackson RD...
  15. Too early to look at 2021 QB draft?

    Stop trading away picks, and draft a freaking QB in rounds 1-3 every single freaking year until: The Bears have a very good starter and a very good backup. And, if that changes, then go back to drafting a QB every freaking year in rounds 1-3.
  16. The Tape Never Lies - Robert Quinn

    Watching this video got me very excited thinking about the potential of the 2020 Bears defense. There ins't really any position that I would be upset about Pace drafting now. Adding the FA's & having Bars in the mix gives many options for the O line...I'd prefer a T drafted over a G. On D I...
  17. Will Nagy Use 2 QB Formations

    I Like this plan. Maybe even put Cohen in at Center for a play...after the snap he “chips” the 2 DT’s and then runs 70 yards straight down the middle and waits for the bomb to be thrown....and somehow isn’t an ineligible receiver because Nagy is so damn cute and gimmicky...
  18. All Connections Mock Draft

    Fantastic Mock! This is exactly what I hope Pace will do, especially trading down the 2nd of the Bears 2nd rd pick twice. Only complaint is that I'd like to see a ILB somewhere, but that's it. People keep saying that Pace can cut Grahmm & Burton after this season...but why do it if they end...
  19. Bears sign Ifedi

    This is hilarious!