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    Anthony Adams Is Here.

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of you are like me.......You log on directly to the Bears forum & can sometimes overlook important happenings in other forums. Well thanks to Rush's recruiting, below is a recent addition to the board that I just noticed...
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    Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking Scandal
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    Richie Incognito Visiting Bucs I personally think that Lovie is the perfect coach to help Richie get his career back on track.
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    Clean Up The Board Mods

    -The 'Rose/Love/Melo' thread could have easily been part of the 'Melo -vs- Love' thread. -The "Rondo" thread could have easily been part of the 'Chris Webber' thread. Etc, etc, etc.................. There are too many irrelevant and redundant threads cluttering the board.
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    OT: Cavs To Offer Kyrie Irving A Max Contract I'm not so sure that he's worth the max.
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    Earl Bennett Signs With Cleveland Browns I hope Earl finds success with the Browns.
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    We Should Have Tanked

    The pro-tankers on this board were right. I respect the optimism from the anti-tank posters, but what exactly have we gained by not tanking this season?
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    Per Woj: Bulls To Sign Jarvis Varnado

    Anyone know anything about this guy?
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    Erin Henderson Cut by Vikings....Should We sign Him? Last season in 14 games, he had: 112 tackles 4 Sacks 2 Interceptions 3 Passes defended 1 Forced Fumble
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    Colin Kaepernick Blames Jim Harbaugh For Super Bowl Loss
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    Kevin Love Defends Derrick Rose & Compliments Coach Thibs
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    Adrian Wojnarowski Slams Bulls Organization

    Woj is considered by many as the most respected & most trustworthy sports writer out here, so here are his present views on the Bulls.......
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    NBA All-Star Starters Announced East Kyrie Irving Dwayne Wade Lebron James Paul George Carmelo Anthony West Stephen Curry Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant Blake Griffin Kevin Love
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    Bulls #3 Most Valuable NBA Franchise...Now Worth $1 Billion
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    Marquis Teague Traded To Brooklyn

    Here we go........... It's looking like we removed Teague's contract ($1.12 million) for next season.
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    Earl Bennett Not Included

    Botfly has a thread about the future Miami "mini-camp" involving our offensive play-makers. I didn't want to hijack his thread, so I'm starting this one. My questions are these........... Why was Earl Bennett not invited and/or included? Does this signal that he is no longer part of the team...
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    OT: Shanahan Being Fired Today Or Tomorrow
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    Luol Deng Injury

    First of all, I hope that this is not something serious & that Luol will bounce back. I really like Deng & I hope this is not a lingering issue that will dog him in this contract year. That being said, this is one of the reasons that I want GarPax to hurry up & pull the trigger on a Deng trade...
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    Marquis Teague Sent To D-League (Update: Already brought back) Something tells me that this is the precursor to our potential trading activity :beerbang: . Hopefully, this is soon followed up with news of Deng & others being shipped out. Let the...
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    Lamar Odom's Cracked-out Rap Video