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  1. Curious stat, the franchise with the most 4,000 yard season, the L.A. Chargers....

    6 out of the 10 he went over 4k with 2 of those over 5k (3 that werent were his first 3 superbowls, the other he missed 4 games due to injury in 2016)...and crazy enough hes thrown for just over 3k yards in the 10 superbowls hes played in.

    Unlikely but for arguements sake, lets say the Bears cant find anyone to trade for either the 1 or 2 pick...who would you want to see drafted at either of those picks?
  3. Jackson’s Pro Bowl snub is another instance of the NFL taking advantage of injured players

    He played football for a College team...big difference
  4. Not a bad game by RB1.

    There was a lot wrong with this team today...but I cant pin much if any of it on Fields
  5. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (#AARONITOUTISORWASBACK: Malaysian Dissuasion of Caucasian Perversion Pervasion Edition)

    What a throw, but damn where was the flag on that hit Fields took after the of helmet to his head
  6. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (#AARONITOUTISORWASBACK: Malaysian Dissuasion of Caucasian Perversion Pervasion Edition)

    He blew up that lead blocker on that screen play....guy is playing lights out for an undrafted rookie
  7. Jack Sanborn

    Gonna park his bust right next to Fields cleats
  8. Studs and duds from Justin Fields failure to beat the Lions

    Sad considering they just traded a 2nd round pick for a receiver.....
  9. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (The You Were Oh So Wrong About QB1 Edition)

    Even though that int was wiped out...this kid has been killing it today
  10. Kmet Haters

    Him and Fields really have found a connection these last few weeks
  11. 3.3 seconds

    I think its safe to say aside from the run game the entire offense sucks right now
  12. 3.3 seconds

    Fielda most certainly is getting an favors from his receivers....but surprisingly the Bears (prior to this game) are 24th in the NFL in dropped passes with only 5. Bills are 1st with 11
  13. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Pumpkin Heads vs Commanders (The B-List Late Show Tryst: Decked 'N Sunkist Edition)

    Anybody at this point....if he would pull the trigger and throw to a waterboy then things would be halfway interesting