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    Cutler had the Bears at 7-3 at this point in the 2010 and 2011 seasons and got no credit while not playing with any all-pro caliber WRs. He was just "along for the ride" with the good defense.
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    Potential players worth trading

    Very respectable response compared to some other replies on here.
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    It's crazy how people have felt bad for Aaron Rodgers the last few seasons, especially this off season, acting like he doesn't play with any good players. Goff's #1 WR to start the season was Staffords 5th or 6th last season. Their defense does compete sometimes though even with a lot of injuries.
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    Potential players worth trading

    I was responding to the original post for this thread. If you read it and don't scroll past it, maybe all of us can have a nice conversation.
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    Potential players worth trading

    They should become the football version of the AAAA Cubs. I think only Mack MIGHT be worthy of a 1st round pick to other teams. Robinson return similar to what the Bears traded for Brandon Marshall. 2nd or 3rd for Goldman. I think Jackson could have returned a 2nd round pick after 2018 or...
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    Bears better trade Allen Robinson before deadline

    Maybe something similar to the Brandon Marshall trade. Maybe a little better because I don't think Robinson is known for being a loud mouth with off the field issues like Marshall. Marshall was great though. Maybe a 3rd round pick or Robinson and pick to move up a round. 2nd round would be cool.
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    Should the Bears bring back John Fox as an offensive consultant?

    Trubisky's rookie offense under Fox looked like the greatest show on turf compared to what Nagy has done with Fields.
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    But mitch was the problem

    I think Fields will be better than Trubisky but right now but Trubisky could make the offense work better with his experience. When to throw away, take the sack, etc. Could have had a QB that is not always likely the reason the team wins game but is a QB the team can win with, along with a 1st...
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    I miss the days of Jay Cutler

    The Bears would have beat the Eagles and won the Super Bowl with that defense and Cutler at QB.
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    The 9ers look bad.

    I think some people are stuck on not liking certain players like Garoppolo, Goff and Trubisky. Players that are considered average but people don't want to take their situations in to account. Neither team looked good in that weather but Frisco looked alright before that. Samuel is playing...
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    Conspiracy: nagy is getting hazed by john fox

    The 2017 Bears had a much more watchable offense with rookie Trubisky throwing to Kendall Wright (I wanted them to bring him back as their slot WR) Tanner Gentry, Josh Bellamy, Markus Wheaton, and then traded for Dontrelle Inman. And I don't remember the defense being as talented as the last few...
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    Alabama and Oklahoma should not be in a playoff position now, especially Oklahoma. Michigan isn't dominating all of their opponents but neither is Oklahoma. Top 3 should be Georgia, Cincinnati and Michigan, I guess put Alabama back in.
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    Aaron Rodgers 'I still own you'

    I think Washington owns Rodgers today. Good defense or bad defense, he usually plays good, but not against the Bears and Saints. We will see. Hopefully Washington doesn't turn the ball over much or at all.
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    OT: Goff sucks

    Starting by saying I don't think Goff is amazing or anything but People pick and choose when they want to make excuses and Stafford gets excuses while other like Cutler get bashed. He couldn't get it done with Calvin Johnson, Nate Burelson, Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay, Danny...
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    Bears beat the SB champs

    The Bears didn't have top 5 and fastest WR Tyreek Hill or top TE Travis Kelce, who seem to be wide open every play, on their team either.
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    Allen Robinson wants 25mil a year???

    I wonder how much Chris Godwin will make? I was hoping the Bears could get him since his number weren't as good since he missed some games. The Bears could get maybe a combination of Corey Davis/Kenny Golladay with Marvin Jones/TY Hilton for Robinson's money. Not as good as Robinson but they...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** Patrick Mahomes has made it to back to back SuperBowls Celebration Thread!!

    Both teams in the Super Bowl should have been expected Chiefs: Travis Kelce aka best tight end in the NFL, seems to be wide open every play Tyreek Hill aka top 5 wide receiver and fastest player in the NFL, seems to be wide open every play Mecole Hardman, maybe the second fastest player in the...
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    Forte claims Cutler quit in the NFCCG

    Forte was a very good running back and one of the best for the Bears. Although he would quit when trying to block and quit when trying to break tackles. Forte missed time with injuries too unfortunately.
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    Florio: Aaron Rodgers wants new contract

    People be like: Aaron Rodgers never gets help even thought he has played with Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, James Jones, Davante Adams, Jermichael Finley, Martellus Bennett, Jimmy Graham, Ryan Grant, Aaron Jones, multiple all pro offensive linemen and a good defense...
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    Can we hang up this dopey idea of tagging Mitch?

    Rodgers should have been picked off 3 times but almost-interceptions are only counted as stats for the Bears i.e. Cutler and Trubisky.