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    Was MJ the Bulls GM?

    So you know how LeBron is basically the GM of the Cavs when it comes to deciding who's on the roster with him... did Jordan make those same kind of decisions with the 90's Bulls?
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    Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's..which one do you hate the least?

    So i know the big 3 would be a last resort for many of you, but which one is your favorite?
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    house training a dog

    I got a 1 year old Dachshund mix this past Saturday. I bought him from a person who said they were "too busy for him" and I was told he was house trained. In the first couple of days, he went to the bathroom on the floor a few times so I texted the lady I got him from and she said he either...
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    Do you think the Cubs will make the playoffs?

    So here we are exactly halfway through the season and the Cubs are sitting at 40-41, 3 games behind the brewers, only a half game ahead of St Louis, and nowhere near a wild card spot. Whaddya say?
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    David Ross on Dancing With The Stars

    Not that I'm ever going to actually watch the show but ummmm this first one is pretty cool
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    Cubs free agents

    I know, I know, not even 24 hours since the World Series. But some of these guys so could sign with other teams in a few days. Fowler - $9 million mutual option/$5 million buyout Hammel - $10 mil or a $2 mil buyout Travis Wood Aroldis Chapman Chris Coghlan Trevor Cahill Joe Smith David Ross
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    Chris Hansen is back to catching internet predators

    Some new syndicated news show called Crime Watch Daily, this will be a segment on it. :pedobear:
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Despite being a huge Seinfeld fan, I didn't start watching Curb until this year. I LOVED the show and knocked out all 8 seasons in about 2 months. I'm really excited for the new season and didn't even have to go through 5 years of hoping like most fans lol Anybody else a fan and are you at all...
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    road to WrestleMania 32

    Normally I'm the one to see things from the side of why Reigns has to win or why Cena has to win (I'm actually a fan of Cena) but they screwed this one up tonight at Fast Lane. Ambrose is there to be the guy! He's over with every type of fan! He's way better in matches, way better on the mic...
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    OT: Is my "name 2 offensive lineman" rule fair?

    Last Monday at work a co-worker points to his new Packers hat and says "how about these guys" and I gave it a :shrug: :rolleyes: so he says "at least we made it farther than the Vikings" Fresh off the way the Vikings lost, I was in no mood for this so I pulled the real fan card. I said "if...
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    Expectations heading into this season

    As disappointing as the ending was, I think almost all of us Cubs fans are aware enough to appreciate the overachieving that happened to get that far. Went back and read some of the threads from prior to the season and there is some interesting opinions and even some instant classic material...
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    The Cubs being a great team wth great fans scares the Brewers

    Each fall, on the last home stand of the year, the Brewers hold a fan appreciation night. Traditionally, the team hands out prizes like a new car, and signed gear. This season there's a dilemma, thanks to who is on the schedule: The dreaded Chicago Cubs. "They all come up here thinking they own...
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    Ever work 2 jobs with very different shifts?

    I work a job Monday through Friday from about 8 AM to 5 PM like most people I could use some extra money so I applied for a couple part time jobs and I accepted one. It's overnights a couple nights a week and at least one night will be the same day as my other job so I'd be sleeping in short...
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    My dad died this morning

    I guess the point of this thread is to hear how anybody who has dealt with parents they were close to dying. I'm lost right now. My dad was 51 years old only. He most likely died from a heart attack. Even though his health wasn't what it used to be because of smoking, he didn't seem to be...
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    Cubs @ Mets 6/30 - 7/2

    I predict a well pitched game from Kyle Hendricks in game 1 :smug2:
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    Cubs vs Cards 6/26-6/28

    making this thread just in time for a Cardinal walk off in all likelihood
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    Cubs vs Dodgers 6/22-6/25

    Today Cy Young vs The Badass Tuesday 7:05 Greinke (5-2) Hammel (5-2) Wednesday 7:05 Bolsinger (4-2) Hendricks (2-3) Thursday 1:20 Frias (4-5) Lester (4-5)
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    Cubs vs Indians 6/15 - 6/18

    Monday @ Chicago 7:05 PM Bauer (5-3) Arrieta (6-4) Tuesday @ Chicago 7:05 PM Marcum (3-1) Wada (0-1) Wednesday @ Cleveland 6:10 PM Hammel (5-2) Salazar (6-2) Thursday @ Cleveland 6:10 PM Hendricks (2-2) Carrasco (8-5)
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    Cubs vs Reds 6/11 - 6-14

    Thursday Lorenzen (1-1) vs the bullpen (oh shit) Friday 3:05 PM Cueto (4-4) Hammel (5-2) Saturday 6:15 PM Leake (3-4) Hendricks (2-2) Sunday 7:05 PM DeSclafani (5-4) Lester (4-5)
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    91 year old man backs through garage door...on purpose

    Random story but I think it's awesome how happy this made the old guy A suburban Chicago man who says he always wanted to know what it is like to smash through a garage door now knows the feeling. Ninety-one-year-old Walter Thomas of Woodstock was...