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  1. USCChiFan

    Giant Panda's Musings

    Suggested by a member, thought it was a great idea. Panda you can post whatever Bears related shit you want here. Just don't keep making 1000 threads to troll everyone as it takes up too much space on the servers and it isn't funny or even good trolling.
  2. USCChiFan

    Bulls interested in Anthony Tolliver Be a decent backup big man. Wonder if this means that the Bulls aren't gonna match Asik's offer if they're pursuing Tolliver
  3. USCChiFan

    Official What Are You Watching? Thread

    This is not the same as the watching on youtube thread. This is for TV Shows, Cartoons, and Movies. I'm watching The Newsroom
  4. USCChiFan

    CCS Smiley Request Thread

    If I were an admin I could add more smileys
  5. USCChiFan

    Your name is very similar to mine

    Your name is very similar to mine
  6. USCChiFan

    Bulls interested in Michael Redd

    Chris Tomasson's post on NBA Free Agency | Latest updates on Sulia Redd and Hamilton at SG? That must be the most injury prone duo in the league.
  7. USCChiFan

    Official Asik/Smith Discussion Thread

    Discuss all things Omer Asik and JR Smith related here. Too many damn threads for the same news.
  8. USCChiFan

    Rudy Fernandez The Bulls should go after him, unless he's going to go play in Spain.
  9. USCChiFan

    Rockets to pursue Omer Asik? They need centers, and I hope they sign him away from the Bulls. His defense is great but watching him on offense is painful
  10. USCChiFan

    OJ Mayo

    Memphis didn't give him a qualifying offer and he's now a UFA. Any chance the Bulls try and sign him? They've been interested in him before
  11. USCChiFan

    Bulls draft Marquis Teague

    Per David Stern
  12. USCChiFan

    Bears Sign WR/KR/PR Eric Weems!/RavensInsider/status/179928950695411716 Knox insurance I assume. He's also good covering kicks and punts
  13. USCChiFan

    Cubs non-tender Koyie Hill

    Twitter :yeah: :clap: :beerbang:
  14. USCChiFan

    Who will be the Bulls starting SG

  15. USCChiFan

    Official Fantasy Football Help Thread

    If you want input on the team you just drafted, an opinion about a trade you've done or a proposed one, or who to start in each week, post here. :deer: :cookiemonster:
  16. USCChiFan

    Cubs To Keep Jim Hendry

    Cubs To Retain GM Jim Hendry: MLB Rumors - :obama: :obama: :obama: :obama: :obama: :obama: :obama: :obama:
  17. USCChiFan

    (PS3) Official CCS Online Dynasty Thread: Week 1

    If Rush is doing one for the 360, then I'm doing one for the PS3. I'll update this post as people accept their invites Coaches: USC: Michigan St. HighJump31: Illinois TexasFight_ (PSN Name): TCU Beardown28: Cincinnati Cubsneedmiracle: Wisconsin dmun928 (PSN Name): BDowdell15 (PSN Name): :deer:
  18. USCChiFan

    NCAA Online Dynasty (PS3)

    Anyone want to do an OD for NCAA Football 12? Once we have enough people, we'll decide what teams we'll use. 1. USC PSN Name: A711Terrorist 2. HighJump31 PSN Name: HighJump31 3. Bobferg PSN Name: big_dipper 4. Beardown28 PSN Name: MCsolky28 5. TexasFight_ (PSN Name) 6. Cubsneedmiracle PSN...
  19. USCChiFan

    [HAXBALL] Discussion *Use PW Chitown in all rooms*

    HaxBall - Play CCS must play this more often :deer:
  20. USCChiFan

    Bears to go after Braylon Edwards? I wouldn't hate this move, but his tendency to drop a lot of passes makes me think twice about signing him