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    No Center? Available Options or is Cody really the plan?

    Excited to see Whitehair back at Center. He has been one of the anchors of our O-line for years and played some of the best Center the team has seen since Kreutz. Looking forward to the O-line bringing nastiness back onto the field.
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    IGT: Texans at Colts

    1st Pick in the NFL Draft. Yeah Baby!
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    IGT: Texans at Colts

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    Bears trade for Claypool

    Great pickup. It’s good to see they are starting to build some weapons around Fields. This will also take some pressure off of Mooney and hopefully open some things up in the passing game. A second round pick is a bit steep but Claypool has all the talent in the world and one year left on his...
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    Hope this is a good sign

    Touché...I stand corrected. It should have read as forest. It’s been one of those days where my mind is all over the damn (not dam) place. Although, I disagree with you in that Forrest Gump is one of the greatest movies ever made.
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    Hope this is a good sign

    Smokey the Bear is aware of the dangers wildfires can cause. Remember...Only You Can Prevent Forrest Fires
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    Issa trap

    That’s some crazy shit 💩
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    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for the Bears

    I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine two days before it got banned lol although they are offering it again. I also had Covid back in January with everyone else in my house and it was like a bad flu that wouldn’t go away minus the fever.
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    Fields Nicknames

    Fields Marshal Soldier Fields Open Fields Holy Fields 👂 Corn Fields Cop a Fields lol
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    Was it destiny?

    I’m so damn tempted. Been burnt by Grossman, Trubisky, and others before but this time it feels different.
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    Bears not horny enough

    Sounds like my future ex-wife 😳 . Story of my life. 🍆 💣 💥
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    It hasn't worn off yet

    Agreed, still relishing the moment. 🍻
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 3

    Dazz Newsome, WR
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 3

    Larry Borom, OT
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 2

    Bears Trade Up
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    I love the pick!

    It was an unbelievable pick. I’m still in shock we got him.