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  1. Bears sign OG who sucks at pass blocking

    Can't believe how consistently negative your posts/articles are. It's incredible.
  2. Welcome, LiveDelicious!

    It's going to sound silly but when I started watching the NBA the Bulls were already good. I didn't want to just jump on the bandwagon(was Bears/Cubs since a child and that will always stick)So just went with a rival team. I actually really came to like both Ewing and Starks, and later...
  3. Welcome, LiveDelicious!

    Thank you for the welcome! I've known about the forum forever(since the CB one got axed)but finally just wanted to jump aboard. My primary team is the Bears. All time favorite player is Mike Singletary, current fave is Teven Jenkins(all about them trenches.) I'm a Cubs fan but don't really...