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  1. 46plank

    Don't worry about 2023, it's all about 2024 **Bear FTO** Mods free to ban offenders.

    You’re really going to take this seriously?😂😂😂
  2. 46plank

    Matt Mervis Stans only

    Mervis needs to play. He has proven he can hit at every level, so he will either adjust, or he will become another overhyped Cubs Minor League player.
  3. 46plank

    NFL Draft - Day 3

    NO EDGE!! What is Poles thinking? I just don’t understand. Biggest need by far not addressed. BS
  4. 46plank

    115- RB Roschon Johnson

    Can he rush the passer?🙄
  5. 46plank

    Bears trade 4th rd pick

    It seems like Poles is scared. He keeps trading down, instead of taking a guy that other teams want
  6. 46plank

    [Todd McShay] Cardinals are “borderline desperate” to trade the pick

    IMO, Andersen is going to be the stud this team needs. I would make that trade yesterday
  7. 46plank

    OT: How good are the Jets with Aaron Rodgers?

    What about Danks?
  8. 46plank

    Aaron Rodgers To Decide Future By Consulting With Coven Of Trusted Witches

    If he’s consulting in GB, it’s probably a coven of bitches
  9. 46plank


    27-23 Eagles or Chiefs
  10. 46plank

    You guys think Rodgers retires? Traded?

    He has already said he could maybe win the MVP, so to me he’s selfish which we all know. He isn’t going to restructure because he apparently doesn’t give a rip about helping anyone win. I hope he stays, has his worst season, and is forced to retire because nobody wants his whiny, arrogant ass.
  11. 46plank

    IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    Kirby Joseph.
  12. 46plank

    IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    Well, that didn’t take long
  13. 46plank

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    At least something good happened today
  14. 46plank

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    I don’t believe it😂😂😂😂😂
  15. 46plank

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (ポップチームエピック Edition)

    No reason to watch. Go Vikings and Texans
  16. 46plank

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Lions (Countdown to the Beatdown in Motown: Battered & Brokendown Edition)

    This defense couldn’t stop a good Division 2 offense right now.