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  1. bullsrose

    Best offensive line in the NFL Mock Off Season

    5-6 good centers in the draft that could be had in rds 2-4, would rather draft a rookie that spend big money on one at this point
  2. bullsrose

    Colts GM Says They Won't Have To Trade Up

    smokescreen or he heard another team is willing to give up way more then he is and he needs to save face
  3. bullsrose

    CJ Stroud Considering Ohio State Return?

    with Stroud in the draft the texans could stick put and draft him at #2 and some support at #12. if he goes back to school they either draft Levis or trade up with us
  4. bullsrose

    CJ Stroud Considering Ohio State Return?

    Dude has not declared yet almost a full 2 weeks after the college football championship and new NIL money could make it feasible for him to to return and try and win the National Championship CJ going to college would raise the already high value of the #1 pick immensely! If this happens I...
  5. bullsrose

    Allen Lazard FA Target for Bears?

    bears WR room is starting to get pretty full... Claypool, Mooney, Velus, EQ....arguably the bears best option for another receiver will be a 2nd rd rookie
  6. bullsrose


    i could see the colts offering 6 and a haul for #2
  7. bullsrose

    If you knew Jalen Carter was the next Aaron Donald...

    Carter is 6'3 300lbs, Donald is 6'1 284.....can carter keep up over the full course of a season with the extra weight?
  8. bullsrose

    Bradley Bozeman is highest graded Center in free agency

    there are 4-5 good Center options to be had between rounds 2-4. im fine signing him if its a decent contract but if he wants to break the bank we can put those funds elsewhere
  9. bullsrose

    Favorite prospects not named Anderson or Carter?

    ya Olu Fashanu would have been the perfect name here but he i going back to school :mad:
  10. bullsrose

    Is Peter Skoronski a guard or tackle in the NFL

    if you draft him hes your Cody Whitehair replacement LT Jones LG SKoronski C ROOKIE? RG Jenkins RT Free agent
  11. bullsrose


    most mocks i see has johnston as the first wr taken top 10. this scenario really makes it stink that Olu Fashanu is going back to school
  12. bullsrose

    Roster cuts (including cuts across the league)

    Falcons cut IOL Justin Shaffer. Dude was the starting LG for Georgia. would be a nice pick up if possible
  13. bullsrose

    My takeaway from this draft.

    PFN not PFF...LOL
  14. bullsrose

    Is this Roquan Smith's replacement?

    Dean is smaller and slower then Roquan
  15. bullsrose

    Kardaius Toney - Buzz

    I’d trade them Foles if Taylor wasn’t on the roster already
  16. bullsrose

    HHM's Mega Mock Merge

    Bonito is probably a first rd pick