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  1. *OFFICAIL* Press Conference Thread 1/31

    Coach/QB relationship is a topic of concern whenever the QB is “inherited”. Maybe I’m just hypersensitive to it because of how the Nagy/Trubisky thing went down.
  2. *OFFICAIL* Press Conference Thread 1/31

    Pretty uninspiring so far. the way they danced around any question about Fields gives the impression that they either have no plan, or they want nothing to do with this arranged marriage.
  3. I will never understand why after probably only viewing ONE GAME from the Bills in the playoffs that now Daboll is supposed to be the bears new HC?

    I’m sure it helps. But the Bills’ defense was ranked 16th last year, and they were still 2nd in offense
  4. REPORT: Aaron Rodgers to BOYCOTT the Superbowl!

    Sounds fake. They’ll use this to get their show trending over the weekend, AR will refute it next week, and there will be no consequences for peddling fake rumors.
  5. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Steelers (Bad Branes Bombardment Edition)

    Really enjoying this Najee Harris documentary
  6. Stephen Gilmore released. Go get him!!

    This is the kind of move you make if you’re in “win now” mode. Not the kind of move you make when you desperately need resources to fix an OL and build around a rookie QB