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  1. Kekua Zombie

    Game of Thrones/NFL comparsions

    Don't know if this has been posted yet or if it is off topic. It does contain everyone's favorite Bear. Enjoy
  2. Kekua Zombie

    So this is what it is like to be a Raiders fan.

    Fucking hopeless.
  3. Kekua Zombie

    Fire Staley the Bear

  4. Kekua Zombie

    Jets Look Alike Thread

  5. Kekua Zombie

    OT: wood working

    My last project.
  6. Kekua Zombie

    Jared Allen has six bulls in today's PBR event.

    For those that are interested. Red Terror, Thumbs Up, Lil Gremlin, Double Rank, Hy Test, and Hot Iron is in the short round. (Championship round) CBS Sports at 3 Chicago time. 221 on DTV
  7. Kekua Zombie

    Bears looking at Florida's Solomon Patton as punt is Lovie, weird. 4.3 BAREFOOTED! Despite running on skinned feet, receiver/return specialist Solomon Patton looked terrific. Sources at the workout told me he timed in the low 4.3s during the workout then looked great catching the ball, in shoes, of course. Patton ran good...
  8. Kekua Zombie

    We need to sign Pat Manelly!

    LS is the most important guy on the special teams that snaps the ball. Seriously though we need to sign him!
  9. Kekua Zombie

    Happy Free Agent Day!

    May our wildest dreams come true. JJ Watt, who allegedly beat a bitch up in a night club, for two thirds. Yahtzee!
  10. Kekua Zombie

    Watching "A Football Life" Jerry Rice

    And seen him yelling at Trestman with the Raiders, " Tell him to get me the damn ball!"
  11. Kekua Zombie

    Great article on Calvin Pryor This is a good article with video to back up thoughts. 14 might be too early for a safety but I would not shit rage if we selected him. I like him for the top safety in the draft. I love how aggressive he is and...
  12. Kekua Zombie

    Jeff George is a BUST!

    As a 1st overall selection of the 1990 draft he sure is a shit poster.
  13. Kekua Zombie

    Glad we didn't draft Jonathon Martin.

    This fucker just went apeshit when his teammates played a joke on him in the cafeteria. They got up and walked off when he sat down and he freaked. Now he is AWOL from the team.
  14. Kekua Zombie

    Most Overrated Team according to SI

    Came across this in my email. I guess we'll find out soon enough. I'm still happy with the signing, he'll be an upgrade and JaFatass is on the bench where belongs. Offensive Tackles: Jermon Bushrod, Chicago Bears/Breno Giacomini, Seattle Seahawks The Bears “stole” Bushrod away from the Saints...
  15. Kekua Zombie

    Watching the game...

    Long is a fucking beast!!!
  16. Kekua Zombie

    Just watched Martellus during his rookie year on Cowgirls Hard Knocks

    Glad we have him now and not then. They were hammering him on details and it seemed like he was kinda blowing it off. I know my diehard cowboy fan buddie despised him back then. That being said I think he has finally matured as a person and player and I think we got ourselves a late bloomer...
  17. Kekua Zombie

    Bears Camp comin up on NFL AM

    I'll paraphrase when it comes on. Probably be something stupid about helmet cam and Carimi skipping. No Url.
  18. Kekua Zombie

    Long but worthwhile read on Marquess Wilson. Futures: WR Marquess Wilson by Matt Waldman This week’s Futures is about more than Marquess Wilson. It’s about the dynamics of power within college football programs and the risks that come with questioning their...
  19. Kekua Zombie

    My Late Round Sleeper Pick

    Montel Harris RB Temple 5'8". 208 40. 4.57 This guy won't wow you with speed or size but watch his highlights. He has elite balance and great field vision which are equally important to the position. Things just cant coach. The dude just keeps moving forward after contact. He put up big...