10 reasons why 6-8 wins is the FLOOR.


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So; we keep seeing a constant flow of articles, interview quips, posts, media consensus, and "hot-takes", etc. about just exactly how bad the Bears will be this year, often at 5 wins or less.

I'm really not seeing any legit reasons why, aside from "they sucked last year", and at best, a cautious "I'll believe it when I see it", which is 100% warranted!! If you look into it just a bit, the pessimism is really uninformed and missing the bigger picture. Just off the cuff I came up with the following...

10 Reasons why the Bears will be BETTER in 2022 and 6-8 wins is the FLOOR:

1) Strength of Schedule: 9th hardest in '21. Now tied for 8th easiest. I know, I know, there's only a few games and % points difference, and that there's always variance....which if you believe that last one, read on & tell me the Bears aren't primed for some variance...
Bears play 5 games against 4 of the worst 5 teams last year (DET x2). If this were Millionaire with Regis, Bears would be doing well with so many of the lowest value cases:
2022-08-04_17h26_15.png 1659648718300.png

2) Nagy factor & last year's record despite his BS: This cannot be understated, but is drastically undervalued just how much his arrogant ignorance hurt the team previously (more on this below). Yet they still won 6 games and were a few horseshit ref calls/no-calls/ a blown last second coverage away from 8 wins last year w/ 2 more shoulda/coulda/woulda wins:
2a) vs PIT: https://fansided.com/2021/11/16/nfl-admits-bears-robbed-win-steelers/ (yeah, yeah, call me whiner...NFL literally admitted this)
2b) vs BAL: Blew a 13-9 lead with 30 seconds left. Shake your head & facepalm to this Also several of no-call blatant shots to the head of Fields in this game that stalled drives.
2c) runner up bonus beef: vs GB - supposed media professional breakdowns showed the play while chastising Fields for this apparently shitty throw. All they had to do was look before the snap and see 2 Packers offsides, one very obviously so. This is still on Fields to be damned sure the flag was thrown, but he did what a good QB does...exactly what Aaron Rodgers does all the time when he gets defenses to jump, to the jollies of Joe Buck's cuckholding ass. But I digress. It goes both ways. Can't say Fields sucks when the truth of the play is should be obvious:


3) You don't think the additions of Brisker & Gordan will prevent such dumbass busted coverage plays like what cost a W vs BAL above? okay then. Or perhaps better coverage will allow the front 4 to get after some QBs?

4) Eberflus actually holding players accountable. So many players mentally and physically checked out and gave dogshit effort last year. This matters. See Allen Robinson loafing, not blocking, or doing anything. Eddie Jackson will be tackling for real or riding pine & facing ridicule in front of his teammates now.
4a) Nagy had players telling him they wanted the team to watch film after a loss, to hold themselves accountable. Nagy patently refused and just wanted to "move on" without correcting any mistakes or calling out lazy / shit play. He also blew off end of season review meetings with his top players. It's truly unbelievable how he could be a HC of anything. These are things that even 0.500 high school coaches ALL do! Blind and dumb is no way to go through life son, or an NFL season.

Yet that's exactly what was needed. Eberflus is doing this to the Nth degree now.

5) Nagy couldn't/wouldn't make adjustments.
5a) Historic proof of his complete inability to correct at halftime, or rather ANY time:
3rd Qtr Scoring 2020.png

5b) Did we all forget the 9-sack CLE game last year?!? The one with ONE NET PASSING YARD TOTAL for the whole game!!??? When asked why he didn't start chipping with TEs & RBs (like every other logical team), he said "that wasn't what we (YOU - not we) had in our plan". Nothing more.
Miles Garrett was quoted laughing afterward at "how easy they (Nagy) made it for him and his 4.5 sack day". Can't blame Bears OL alone here, but more on that OTW.
2021 Nagy support of Fields.png

5c) Tampa was also criminal negligence and abuse with both more turnovers and as many Evans TDs as Bears had total points (3), again with Nagy refusing to adjust, protect, call roll-outs, bootlegs, anything! I was there and got nothing but love for my signs & Nagy Bagy. I brought extras and they went FAST! Made it onto the Bucs website too. My point is that things were THIS bad, and they still won 6, nearly 8 games...
10.24.21 Tampa website pic - Nagy Bagy.jpg 10.24.21 Tampa Nagy Bagy2.jpg
Also had a sign of "Eddie Jackson Please Tackle"

5 a-c) in summary: Yes, Nagy broke many many records for offensive inefficiency and suck: with each of Mitch, his guy Foles, his guy Dalton, and top recruit breaking intelligence tests 4.43 Fields. How it took 4 years to figure out Nagy's incompetence is crazy, yet we still have so many underestimating the addition by subtraction of this fool. Still expecting that top 5 draft pick next spring? No worry, read on...

5) Bonus #5: Getsy > Nagy:
5d) Actually designing and calling plays to Field's strengths vs. Nagy's stubborn idiocy forcing him into timing based Dalton hooks & curls at a historic frequency...while also completely negating that last years WRs were some of the fastest in the league. The ONLY advantage the WRs might've had was speed, and Nagy made them stop and turn for the ball, despite being short and fast as hell. Nagy buried them b/c he couldn't/wouldn't adapt.
5b) How'd 4.42 Cordarelle Patterson do in ATL after being misused in CHI BTW? Getsy now has a similar guy to design for in Velus Jones, who's actually faster at 4.31.

5e) actually giving Fields more than ZERO preseason snaps with the 1s. Ya think that contributed to Fields being behind the 8 ball last year? 🤷‍♂️ A timing based offense and zero practice. Perhaps just maybe Fields isn't as bad as projected? No way he's not some level of improved this season, can we agree on that?

5f) Getsy knows more than 1 recycled KC rigid scheme that won't work without KC talent. That alone makes him night & day better for this offense.

6) More than HALF of last year's roster (58%) 52 of the current 90 are new in 2022. Think that automatically = being as shitty or shittier? No. They're unproven. Unknown to be good/great/shit, but not known bad, like last year, or returning guys guaranteed bad also/again like so many are assuming for some reason? Point is known bad is being cleared out for potential & hungry guys wanting to make a name for themselves...and for once, some guys with Cs on their helmets will play with HEART!!

These no-name guys will go full speed, balls to the wall, and have nothing to lose, and...

6a) OL is replacing 3-4 of last year's starters who were KNOWN bad with visible poor technique, strength, and effort. At least the few vets coming in are known serviceable which is a step up. Mustipher gone = another win on the schedule IMHO. Dude was terrible and consistently giving up pressure. Sorry Olin. Watch some tape. Liabilities are being removed but nobody expects any better than the previous OL with Nagy peeing in their Cheerios, just like the fast WRs...

7) OL technique of Nagy's is gone. Nobody talks about this!, but Nagy's "clever" KC foolery forced the OL to NOT step forward at the snap. He didn't want the D to read that first step as a run or pass, so they had to just stay neutral or step back every snap. Think that doesn't effectively castrate a lineman's ability to build up steam and set a base to protect or get after it on a run block? This worked in KC because they had the OL talent to overcome this...until they suffered OL injuries and had backups in the Superbowl...how'd that work out for the great Pat Mahommes even!?? And how they hell was a far lesser Mitch or an untrained Fields supposed to have a chance in hell?? Bears had subpar talent at best, and made them WORSE with this ignoramous "no-step" technique. Again, the media doesn't ever mention this. Easier to blame the QB, the WRs, even the OL - who deserved a ton of heat, but not ALL. Nagy made each position worse. He went through OL coaches because they couldn't squeeze blood from a fat turnip with subpar talent and this technique restriction.

7) Packers are not bulletproof. 100% they are the favorites until dethroned. The Bears you all think are returning at equal shittiniess despite all the above were beating GB at halftime. last year! Until, well...see above as Nagy's halftime (in)abilities did what they do. #offensivepoison
Even then, Fields got them back to within 1 score in the 4th. Then defense failed again.
7a) Cheeseheads managed to win 5 games last year by 3 points or less.
7b) GB also lost 1 close game and
7c) were absolutely throttled by NO of all teams week1.

8) Eberflus inherited a 30th ranked defense in Indy and had them playing as the 10th best unit in his first season. Further, he's on record as saying his Bears have more talent than that Indy roster. Even if you think he's fluffing, the man has done it before. Done more than what's expected now, and did it with less. Results await in CHI, but are there in Eber's previous work. (if you care to look or admit it)

9) Lucky Scheduling:
9a) Bears play San Fran week 1 before Trey Lance can really settle in and find his mid-season rhythm. You could say the same for Fields, but he played 10 games last year. San Fran is a favorite to make the playoffs in NFC. A week 1 win over them could be huge.
9b) *edited/removed* I was wrong about home/away back n forth all year.
9c) Bears have ALL of their non-primetime games at 12noon CT. Consistency goes a long way. No flights to Europe for a jetlaggin' either...
9d) Bears also travel the 5th LEAST miles of all 32 teams with 8932 total for 17 games. Check GB & MIN at more than double with over 18k.
source: Here's how far each NFL team will travel in 2022: Steelers get huge advantage, Buccaneers face brutal slate

10) H.I.T.S. vs "Be You" & never "finding the whys". I know I already hit on Flus > Nagy, but this is a specific point beyond Xs/Os, and a reasonable expectations of accountability.
Taking the ball & Taking care of the ball
Smart play

Eberflus hasn't had one game yet at HC and is already bringing the whys, while drilling them in hard at every meeting and practice snap. Players are quoted as respecting and responding to it. Be a Negative Nancy and call it "rah rah" all you want, but every business, team, project, must have a clear plan.

HITS philosophy is more than coach speak. Eddie Jackson & Jaylen Johnson are on record as liking it now after admitting their initial eyerolling early on. JJ was demoted initially, while Jenkins nearly ran from it to the point of killing his career. Now they're on board and earned their roles back. Tevon might still be angry, but he's playing. Eber holds no grudges or hate on 1st year players which is refreshing.

Nagy clearly did not have plan (and openly admitted he didn't know the answers or identity), and again, what??...he still won damn near 8 games last season. Last year's team had NONE of these principles in play, aside from a handful of independent hard-workers like Mooney and Monty.

So yeah, I invested in the season overs. Heavily. For those of you expecting the under...

Let's hear some counterpoints and valid reasons why the naysayers are more than just snake-bitten & why the (more than half NEW) Bears roster & all new coaches will be equally bad or worse despite the above. I really just don't get why or how that makes sense.

Or yeah, go listen to Keshawn Johnson claiming 1 win for Bears with zero reasoning behind his camera hype fodder. To each their own.

If you've made it this far, you are indeed a true Bears fan. I'm sure there's still some typos in here that I'm often intolerant of, but this was a big ass post, I'm tired, and did it for free. Pay me & I'll add the hours to clean it up to publication quality and prune my rambling thoughts, overuse of ellipses, & Nagy venting (no. that stays). Apologies. There's simply SO many reasons why he poisoned our team DOWN to 6 wins. You now have 10 reasons to look up. 🐻
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Fuck yeah!!!! Let me guzzle your sweet BearSZ koolaid!!! We go 9-8 and just miss the playoffs.


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Enemy Territory via southern C
Maybe it leaked to Nagy he was out and he took bodies with him?

I don’t know, I’d say we are a Riley Reiff injury, Justin Fields, Quinn, Smith, Mooney, Whitehair injury, Tevin Jenkins trade…away from a worse floor.


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Really good post. I’ve been one on the opposite end the last couple of years saying bears are going to be much worse than a lot were thinking. For the most part… I see more wins this time bc of the schedule and bye bye nagy.

I think the defense can be better than last year if brisker/gordon play to their potential. Lot to ask for a rookie let alone two but really feel like there is something there with both of them.

Mack and hicks were basically gone last year. Goldman was meh.


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It’s amazing to me so many seem to be negating the Nagy factor. Are you people that angry that Poles/Flus didn’t go all in for offense? It makes absolutely no sense.

Taking a wait and see approach…ok. But writing off the season pretty much right after the draft? Foolish…


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I think they will be in the 5-6 win range, but IDK about FLOOR. It's a lost year no matter what, so it's less about RECORD for me this year, and more about improvements, growth, a competent OFF, coaching, etc. The rest will come. NEXT YEAR maybe.


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Just put 1000 dogecoin on the bears to win the superbowl thanks to this thread.

Black Rainbow

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What if the go back to run, run, pass, punt?

I could see Fox ball coming back.


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I'm really not seeing any legit reasons why, aside from "they sucked last year", and at best, a cautious "I'll believe it when I see it", which is 100% warranted!! If you look into it just a bit, the pessimism is really uninformed and missing the bigger picture. Just off the cuff I came up with the following...
So you don't actually read CCS huh?

" last year's record despite his BS" ahhh yes theres those legit reasons.


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