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LOL, that shit happened in my home league last year. My stacked ass team gets torched in the semis when mike williams goes off for 3 TDs and dude puts up 150 on me, and my buddy scums his way to the championship never playing an opponent with a stud RB healthy. It was pretty tilting since my team scored over 2000 points last year but I somehow managed to lose every game (about 5 or 6 including the playoffs) when I didn't score at least 140. It was insane. Like I said, I have terrible luck in the playoffs in that league. Most annoying shit.

But yeah, Connor might have a safer floor, though I'm not even sure that's true because injury is waiting at any moment. I think both are going to get touches.
For instance, this team didn't even make the playoffs lol. The owner was so mad. He spent most of his season making trades to get this stacked team and he misses the playoffs based on points. I would take this team over my team thats in the Championship all day.



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There's a team just like that in my league. He had Julio, Kupp, Hopkins, Rodgers, Derrick Henry, and Mandrews and missed the playoffs. Fucking fantasy can drive you crazy. My cousin just scored 142 in the semis and got bounced by the same team that knocked me out. What's maddening is my teams are usually built on consistency, since TDs are so unpredictable. Generally more yards should equal more TDs, but not always the case. This dude is in the championship because his team is scoring a ridiculous amount of TDs in the playoffs. He either puts up 140+ or like 90. My cousin was losing his mind lol. I was like, dude's getting lucky with TDs, not much you can do. Hard to be real upset when you made the right choices.
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0/3 in title games this week.

Lost one 111.21 to 111.71. Thanks Mike Boone....