3 against sunshine state


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I agree on this.

With this we have to be careful because of recapture.

What kind of a 5th...are we talking Top-shelf or Mad Dog 20/20? :D

JT is in the same boat as Keith/Kane in my book, which is if they want out, the team should accommodate them. If they want to stay, let them stay. They have enough left that they're not worthless, and with the right retention they could fetch the team future prospects. As a fan, as thankful as I am for all they've given, if they want out I wish them well.

On one hand yes, it would be nice if JT could mentor some of our younger centermen. On the other hand, do you really think Bowman the Beancounter and his lackeys would deploy him (and the kids like Dach) as such? Chances are if he's back next season, they ride him as hard as they rode Kane this season, and by the end of it he's sucking win and disappearing on us.
Looks like they might have rode Dach a bit too much too.