Are we the 82-83 Bears?


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I decided to re-watch the 85 Bears 30 for 30 episode with my son (He's 12 and just started watching this year and he's Bear crazy)
The similarities to this team and the 82/83 team are uncanny.
The Bears decided to make a coaching change that year and brought in Mike Ditka, a coach with offense experience. Halas said the only stipulation was that we had to keep Buddy Ryan because our defense ranked in the top ten/top 5 the year before.
We also brought in a rookie QB selected in the first round that year.
The next year we got an edge rusher in Richard Dent that dominated the line.
We were a young, energetic team with a dominating defense and an above average Offense two years later, once McMahon and the offense started putting up big numbers, it was over for everyone else in the league.
I am not saying we are anywhere as good as that team in 85 but we have the potential to be there in the next two years if things continue down this path.
Look how good we are now and imagine Mitch with another season in Nagy's system. How good will Roquan be with another year under his belt?
Bright days are ahead fellas... Let's not make the same mistake and dismantle the team after we win a championship... That team in the 80s should have won 3 or 4.

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A lot of pieces are coming together. Hopefully we can keep Fangio for a few more years and Pace/Nagy continue to bring in young talent.