At long last...Buh-bye Bradley


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The thing is you guys play to start Silva, who is beyond horrible. They called him an innings eater and in 2 years in Seattle has taken up 183 to go along with 6 plus era last year. Sure the quadruple a league will help, but still this guy is getting rocked in winter league. I don't get how Hendry and Crane Kenny can still have jobs when their dumbasses decided in 2007 to give money because ownership didn't care because they were selling the team. BTW you guys should definetely sign Scotty Pods to play center as they would be one of the worst signings ever.


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Diddy1122 wrote:

I really didn't think there was a team out there dumb enough to take this Douche off our hands but Thank you very much Seattle. Sure we got crap in return, but I'll take a steaming pile of crap over that classless, whiny assclown any day.

How can you say that? I don't think the Cubs will be able to replace his whopping 40 RBIs :laugh:

It's one things to be an ass, but at least be good. He was a douchenozzle and he sucked. Kinda like LaTroy Hawkins.