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As somebody who is just starting to look into the Chicago Fire what are the best aspects of the game, stadium, team, etc.

I am definitely going to go to a game when I come visit Chicago next. I've only been to one MLS game and that was the Carolina Railhawks :bowrofl:


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As you know, the Fire have signed one of your boys--Paladini. That's how tweed hooked us up over the emails and internets.

It depends on your take on history and sports really. Later this coming season, there will actually be a Fire history book published that will detail a lot of the questions someone may have if they were finding themselves being sucked in by the Fire--as well as for us longtime fans who just want more.

I would say that one of the best things about being a Fire fan is the accessibility of the whole club. From the owner doing a Q&A town hall meeting at a local soccer bar to the front Office remembering your name, meeting the players and having them being humbled and grounded that you know all about them, to the actual physical proximity you have to the players and the field on game day, and the bonds that are formed with other fans from the moment you get to an event (at the stadium or away).

Another real aspect is that the atmosphere in the stadiums and events is palpable--the crowd is (mostly) engaged in what is going on or trying to learn (if they're new to the team/sport). There is real passion and drive in the fanbase that really electrifies those who are open to the experience.

The seriousness we take with our club and badge--it is foreign to many others in the American sports landscape, but to us, our badge is like the Chicago or US flag (or anything you hold so close that it is a part of yourself)--never to be tread upon, disrespected, or belittled by anyone, and we act accordingly--for better or worse.

There are areas we are all working on to improve the game-day experience (those of us in Section 8 Chicago's ISA as well as the Fire organisation itself), but it really is a community experience, and that community is growing. Are we of the mindset that we need to compete with other sports in this city? Most are not. No Napoleon complex here. We know that it will take 20-50 years for this club to really come into its own and be a full time part of the nightly sportscast and general mediashare--but if we don't clamor for that coverage now, who will, and when would it happen?

As a good friend of mine like's to quote Daniel Burnham (Urban Planner and VIP to Chicago's early boom--i.e.World's Columbian's Exposition) "Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized."


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They used to play at Soldier Field, I call that history.

They won the MLS Cup in their first season too, that's big.