Can someone list injuries sustained by Glennon, Trubisky or Foles due to poor OL play?


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The O line combo that solidified later in the season was Leno, Whitehair, Mustipher, Bars and Ifedi. They actually got the run game going a bit which allowed the team to throw off play action more often and move Trubisky around. Olin Kreutz has talked about how Mustipher did a great job in the middle there which allowed Whitehair to move back to guard where his game picked up.

We go into this year with improvements on two of those 5 positions, presumably Jenkins at LT and Daniels back at RG with Ifedi at RT. We got help on our O line. Ideally we'd be able to put Ifedi on the bench in favor of a better RT but we substantially improved through adding Jenkins/Daniels while Bars got some valuable experience as the primary backup. It could be worse.

All this "oh noes the O line is awful therefore I can't play my new QB" is nonsense. Players play, that's what they're called "players." I highly doubt Justin Fields would say "yea nah sorry can't play behind this offensive line" so why should we?

That was under a totally different OC. The team is going back to Nagy who has never called a good offensive game.


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I could see some correlation to having a QB sit, and how tragically bad the team around him is. Look no further than the sad tale of David Carr. Dude got absolutely brutalized behind that Houston OL and bad team. Lol.

But for the most part, I agree. If Fields is better than Dalton, and has a grip on the playbook, play him week 1. I feel like the oline will be much improved over the first half of last season. Fields should be fine back there. And will be helped greatly if we can get David Montgomery going.
Nagy doesn’t commit to the run


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Nobody is saying o-line isnt important.
It is just stupid that people want to squander a year of play because the bears dont have an all pro line.
I hate the "rookies should sit and learn for a year" mentality as well.

People bring up rodgers, mahomes, even rivers as examples of sitting paying off, but they sat behind pro bowlers or HOF players.
They didnt sit just to sit, they sat because there were real players on the field.

It seems pretty counter intuitive to say "the big shock these QBs will have making the transition is having defenses twice as fast that hit twice as hard bearing down on them... so lets remove them from the game entirely for a year".

Bears QBs were 16th in the league in sacks taken last year. Does the team have to be in the top 3 in order to risk exposing a poor, fragile rookie to real game pressure?

Trotting out dalton serves no purpose.The bears drafted Fields, they should play him.
the purpose is letting andy dalton get his back blown out while you have a rookie LT and Ifedi at RT. let the line solidify itself first.


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Keep hearing this “ we must keep Fields safe” nonsense so I wondering

Notice how Leno and Whitehair are not blocking anyone at the 8 second mark?

Notice how Daniels passes off his block to Whitehair and takes the stunt?

Notice how Whitehair picks up the block that Daniels left for him?

Notice how Leno is staring at the stunt that Whitehair is going to pickup and decides to pile on the block, leaving 55 free to blitz Trubisky?

Notice how the middle linebacker covers the running back, allowing 55 to have a disguised blitz?

Notice how Leno never looked to see what was happening to his left even though he had a free Whitehair to his right?

Notice how Massie got beat on the right side?

Notice how the poor play from both Leno and Massie caused Trubisky's injury?

Notice how neither Massie nor Leno is still on the team?


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i think its more about giving fields enough time to work through progressions epecially in his rookie year in the event he has to play. Also getting hit is never a good thing, aside from injury, qb's who get hit early and often can see ghosts (darnold) or end up getting antsy and just take off instead of sitting in and making the necessary throw.

exacty this. Fields is though as fuck, I’m not too worried about him getting hurt.

it’s more so you don’t want him to start off like shit become he’s not ready for a team who’s blitzing his ass