Cubs Farm System And Prospects Discussion Thread


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Ehh, sometimes these rankings are superficial. Amya had a bad first half with the bat but last two months. The stick was doing well.
They really look at tools and Davis and Marquez both have the ability to become special. Amaya is a solid player but his arm is avg and his hit tool lacks some contact. Nico IMO is over rated. His D is avg and lacks power. But has a plus hit tool and has shown the ability to get on base.

Off all of them it is really close between Davis and Marquez. Davis just needs to work on his skills. Mostly in Baserunning technique and his routes and reads as a CF. He has been getting by with raw talent. But IMO Theo should get him working with a guru in the off season to sharpen his skillset.

Marquez really lacks a strong 3rd pitch. His change is basically a fastball in the lower 90's. That is honestly the only issue with him. But he hits 100 MPH with a power curve.

So IMO these ranking are more so based off of current vs potential. Nico doesn't have the ceiling that those two have.


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Manny Rodriguez, RHP
Over the offseason, the Cubs added 23-year-old Manny Rodriguez to their 40-man roster. Last year, the hard-throwing righty posted a 3.45 ERA with 65 strikeouts against 17 walks in 47 innings for Class A Advanced Myrtle Beach. He has appeared in three Cactus League games this spring, but is currently dealing with a strained right biceps, with no clear timetable for return.

Quote: "I've got to narrow it down to one? There's so many guys you could go with, but I think I'll go with Manuel Rodriguez here," said David Bote. " He's the first guy I faced in live BP and he went 3-1 curveball, 3-2 curveball with a 99 [mph] four-seamer in his back pocket. I was like, 'Really? This is what we're going with?'

"Kip and I were in it and we were like, 'Uhh.' We didn't have the radar on it, so we didn't know what was going on. We were like, 'Does anybody else think the ball's fuzzy today? If this is what 92 looks like, we're in trouble.' And then we find out he was sitting 99. We were like, 'OK, that makes us feel a little bit better. It can only go up from here.'"


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Here's the order for the 2021 Draft:

1) Pirates (19-41)
2) Rangers (22-38)
3) Tigers (23-35)
4) Red Sox (24-36)
5) Orioles (25-35)
6) D-backs (25-35)
7) Royals (26-34)
8) Rockies (26-34)
9) Angels (26-34)
10) Mets (26-34)
11) Nats (26-34)
12) Mariners (27-33)
13) Phillies (28-32)
14) Giants (29-31)
15) Brewers (29-31)
16) Marlins (31-29)
17) Reds (31-29)
18) Cardinals (30-28)
19) Blue Jays (32-28)
20) Yankees (33-27)
21) Cubs (34-26)
22) White Sox (35-25)
23) Indians (35-25)
24) Braves (35-25)
25) A's (36-24)
26) Twins (36-24)
27) Padres (37-23)
28) Rays (40-20)
29) Dodgers (43-17)