Day 3 Mock Draft


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Just wanna start by saying that this is the first time that I can remember being this far into a Bears Draft, and being THRILLED with everything so far. We need to work on the defense today though. There are some decent offensive options left, for sure, but I see this being D heavy today.

Round 4 options: S. Griffin OLB, K Tolliver II CB, Marcus Allen FS, Hand DL, Hurst DL, Sweat OLB
Round 5 options: Boettger OL, Norton DL, Mcintosh DL, Aruna OLB, Kiser ILB, Meeks CB, Wadley RB/KR
Round 6 options: Blanding SS, Fumagalli TE, Senat OL, Lazard WR, Tate WR, Franklin-Myers DL
Round 7 options: Atkins DL, Dooley OLB, Apke SS, Lotulelei DL, Proehl WR, Henderson WR

Obviously there are so many things that determine who's available in what rounds, etc. Bur from these options I'd like to see

4th Round: OLB S. Griffin. I don't give a shit about his hand. Speed. Attitude. Inspirational Leader. You want a fast defense? This is how you get a fast defense...

5th Round: CB Meeks. I know it's not the same thing, at all. But a tall Stanford CB in the 5th Round has worked out for Vic Fangio before....

6th Round: DL Franklin-Myers. He has visited with the Bears, and you know how Pace likes his small school types. Gotta have one, right?

7th Round: SS Apke. I am so tired on Bellamy being on this team, only because of Special Teams. I want to see Apke and his crazy speed, flying down the field, making tackles as a gunner instead.

So, this is what a dream draft looks like in my eyes.....
1) Roquan Smith, ILB, Georgia
2) James Daniels, G, Iowa
3) Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis
4) Shaquem Griffin, OLB, UCF
5) Quenton Meeks, CB, Stanford
6) John Franklin-Myers, DL, Stephen F. Austin
7) Troy Apke, SS, Penn State