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Jesus christ..!!....Who gives a fuck about baseball!

What the fuck happened to the Bridgewater deal
Who gives a fuck about teddy? Lol
But you’re right, we can move on from the baseball tangent


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baseball is a team sport with a large emphasis on individual performance! Does that clear it up?

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K i like your wording better. Its obviously still a team sport, but your individual play is affected a lot less by your teammates.


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Shit I'll take that Clinton Dix signing at this point, that Graham signing stinks bad


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Rams may cut Todd Gurgly if they cant find a trade partner. He's not the same player after his injury.


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In my humble opinion someone by the handle of hawkinmontreal shouldn't need much explaining on what the Montreal strip clubs are like.

Here's my short version:
  • Lapdances are where it's at. Charge is somewhere between $10-20 per song, but is negotiable (consistent theme).
  • Your hands can go anywhere. Original restrictions are that they can't enter any of her 3 holes and you are not to put your mouth anywhere, but those guidelines get flexible as you spend more cash.
  • They are completely naked. Depending on the club some of the large stage dances turn into lesbian shows.
  • Montreal is still very french, which has both accents and a liberal views on sexuality.
  • They drink while they work, so their decision making matrix is impaired.
  • The girls are extremely hot. Montreal has a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and body types, so there are options for everyone. It's not like you need to go to one strip club for blonds and another for ebony. They are all right there.
  • No Spearmint Rhino effect - For me I've been to a few strip clubs where there's always another room or a 'next level' experience that is slightly out of your reach. Me and my friends have spent a lot of money trying to figure out what the last level is and ultimately you get so many drinks in you that you never reach the end. I'm 99.9% sure it's all by design to keep you there and it's actually a loop that you keep repeating, but overall it's a massive waste of time. In Montreal you can cut deals with girls in terms of number of songs or whatever you are looking for. Every girl is somewhat their own sub-contractor, so it feels less like this structures sales experience and more like talking directly with the talent.
Anyway, just my thoughts. I'm actually curious how COVID-19 is impacting that world. Last time I was there girls were pretty diligent in using hand sanitizer and laid down clean towels over everything.

Also, just to mention Montreal has a pretty large late night masseuse network. It's not my thing as I feel all those girls are a part of some human trafficking scheme (Robert Kraft?), but some of my friends that live there say it's the same girls form the strip clubs that are making some cash on the side.

Overall I think Montreal is the closest thing you can get to Amsterdam in North America, which is really what you are looking for if you are going to a strip club.
Bring your money, this may sound odd but be respectful, the bouncers will not hesitate for one second to throw your ass headfirst down the staircase if you don’t follow the rules(yes there are rules). The girls who work in these places are heavily protected if you treat them like shit you will have a rude awakening in the parking lot.
Go have fun, lap dances are great, you can also purchase shows in private rooms if your a group. The more high end strip clubs like Super sex for example tend to not bend the rules as much as for example a club like Wandas. Chez Paris is the cream of the crop, but very expensive, however, every girl there is top notch.


Update: Told Bridgewater still main focus, but CHI wants thorough physical & Chargers have checked in on him too