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1. Trade Lavine for good value at the deadline. (or keep him for two more trade windows, this off-season and next dead-line.)
2. Extend Markennan, trade him if he won't sign.

Simple. Because of his length I see Lauri as more of a puzzle piece than Lavine who is an insignificant volume scorer who doesn't create easy buckets for others, rebound or defend well. Get what you can and probably sooner than later to help the tank, another year or two the team should be bad and collecting assets. Zach should be a short contract mercenary going forward, because I think he has good value to the right team or two that are contenders. He would be sick on the Lakers. Dallas might be interesting. Philly would be great for him and team. And if Reddick is fading he might be a solid piece on the Pelicans or Phoenix with their young cores and true PG's.

Nothing you can do if Lauri won't sign he won't sign. You have to get a return so you have to trade him. So sign him or trade him but don't do nothing and pray. That doesn't usually work.

I think AK will signal full rebuild and get it done. The key is you gotta get something for Lauri if its not a contract its gotta be a trade.
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Zach does create for others.

AK has lots of flexibility with how he wants to approach this. He can trade either if he gets an offer he really likes, or he can wait it out and see what offers lauri gets as a restricted FA and either match it or let him walk. It’s kinda how things got played out for Zach with the kings. The bulls waited to see what his market was, and they matched it because it was such a good deal for them...even though many people knocked it at the time. Now 19.5 mil for a guy scoring 27 a game is probably one of the best contracts in the league if not the best.

Zach, they can up his salary next year as a show of good faith as it gives the option for a long term max. Or they can trade him.

basically, AK has time and shouldn’t feel any rush to make a move this deadline with Zach or lauri, unless it’s just too good to pass up