Have you ever given a random person at a gas station a ride?


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Aug 20, 2012
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Good man. Thanks bro.

Yeah if I'm alone and without valuables I will do it sometimes.

Once I picked up a young man walking up the mountain at 5,000 feet, he said he walked out on his parents and was going over the pass tonight(10,000 feet)...."How far is it?"

I said you will never make it if you don't get a ride and you might only see a few more cars pass by at night. You aren't dressed warm enough even for where you are it will freeze at night.

I was only planning on going up to 6,000 feet but I took him to 7,000 where there are shelters and gave him everything I had ..$20 and the sweater jacket off my back.

Drove home shirtless and hopeful I saved a life, also guilty I didn't try to take him home for the night, but the valuables in my home were not mine so not my jurisdiction.
Definitely stop for folks in the rain or snow, you could feel their relief when you do so. Besides, I would say that it's on them they don't have warm gear to wear unless they're out for a jog, been waved away a few times before.
Picked up a heroin addict before gettin onto us94 to start my day off, had no idea until I saw his skin, guy claim he walked and hitched from California into NWIndiana, he wanted a ride to the hospital, no problem homie, you got it.