Hawks @ Canes 6pm GDT


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When Bishop returns and gets into form yes. But it may be too late.

Nashville and CBJ have great rosters but something doesn't quite click to put them into true contention. Nashville struggling badly with their goaltending...which I told them like 5 years ago to fix...that window is now closed.

I laugh at all these teams like Maple Leafs and Nashville that wouldn't offer us a ransom for Lehner.

Where the fuck are you now?
Well, the leafs have a ton of young offensive talent, got lucked into a shitty division basically gifting them an easy path to the final 4 and have the most points in the NHL.

They need defensive fwds. and defenders


You can put me down for a thumbs down on the 7 defenseman thing. You see all kinds of crazy pairings....always rotating, very little consistency. That can't be a good thing for these young guys. You can end up with a DeHaan/Zadorov pairing with each of them coughing up the puck leading to a Canes goal. This is not a great team by any stretch, it's a team that's learning....they don't need that kind of extra bullshit.
Im with you on this first didnt like it because JC was running 88 into the ground. But last couple game had the same thought you did cant be good for the baby D , they have already messed up one guy.