here is the NBA's proposal


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Mar 30, 2009
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No, I do not. I feel both sides are in the wrong. I have been trying to sort this out, but some of you keep piling on the labels, picking sides, and calling someone or another greedy. If one side is greedy, then both sides are. But I don't see a "side" as being greedy. That is just ignorant to think so, because you don't have two sides, you have a lot of views, agendas, and opinions coming from within both groups. It's not about race, it's not about greed. This lockout is about allowing the small markets to compete with the big market. If the league contracts the number of teams, then the players lose even more, because they shrink their pie! Greed?? UGH.... :shot:

Ditto. The players want fair compensation & the owners want a fair marketplace to turn a profit. Both sides deserve a chance to make money. If anyone is greedy in this whole mess, it's the agents. They need to keep their gold vaults filled for their daily money swim.

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