Hicks trade talk is back

Too easy

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What is hicks worth in a trade scenario? Is this his last year of his contract? Either way, there isn’t anyone to sign.

it’s going to be a long year watching either dalton play over fields and we will score maybe 14-17 a game with him at the helm. Fields could blow for 45 minutes but will probably score 21 points on three throws that dalton couldn’t even dream of let alone a few runs for huge gains!

I hope Nagy and pace get shit for starting dalton so that way they can be held responsible for paying ten million for a schmuck that isn’t any better than foles who we already had!!!!!

if there was a stud center or tackle, cb or receiver then you could think about dumping hicks.

of Nagy wants to keep his job he better put some kind of offensive production together. Hicks doesn’t do that for him.

if the bears go 9-8 and finish 25-27th on offense, what’s the point in keeping him? A great offensive coordinator would have put some sort of productive scheme together with shitty talent at minimum where you could see where they were going once they got a couple of talented players but no! Nagy has had a multitude of his own qb’s brought in who all sucked, so why did he want them?

Oh, why do we need so many speedy receivers when they either only run routes ranging from -5 yards to 7 yard patterns? Or the few deep throws( 2per game max) and they were maybe 30-40 yard throws- weren’t even close to the receiver!

with fields- if he doesn’t throw 5-7 bombs a game, something is very wrong! His throws can easily go 70-75 yards so he can flick the 40-55 yarders. He threw a 70 plus yarder at his second pro day while rolling to his left!?????? I don’t think Rodgers can make that throw anymore.