How much longer can we keep running Heyward out there

How many of Heyward’s ABs end in a grounder to the right side?

In doing some searching, actually found a Braves fan post on Reddit 6 years ago asking the same question, so it’s not just Cubs fans noticing this phenomenon.

(Ultimate Zone Rating) UZR/150: 8.8
  • In OF this would still rank him 12th overall in the MLB
    • For reference: #1 is Rays Manuel Margot at 15.7
  • That rating would be his 4th best season in a Cubs uni (his career avg. is 12.5)

I see Heyward as a defensive replacement late in close games that the Cubs are already winning.

Heyward is seeing a lot more sliders this year
Slider rate to Jason Heyward:
- 2019: 14.4%,
- 2020: 14.6%
- 2021: 22.7% (highest of career)

The league has adjusted to Jason ~32 yrs old, he will have to significantly adjust once again.
It sucks even more because his defensive value is worse than 65% of OF'ers in '21


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I would eat his deal.

Move Wisdom to RF after Duffy returns. Move Bryant to CF. Trade Happ and Bote for a SP.

Cut the players that are bringing little value.

They have Marisnick to back up CF and then move Bryant over late innings.

Jed should just talk to Tom and make that decision. That signing has been bad since day 1. But that was on Theo's watch. The Cubs need to move away from it.