How to build this team going forward.


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Now a 0.2 WAR = a guy playing good baseball

And apparently replacing a 0.2 WAR player with a 1.3 WAR player wouldn’t improve the team any

what takes

again, I stated it mostly to point out how Kyle was mashing Mets pitching, the same pitching that just got done mowing the cubs lineup down
Ok at this point you're not even trying to have a reasonable conversation so I'm moving on. But it's this simple. The cubs are paying Joc $4.5 mil this year. Schwarber would have made over $8 mil in arbitration and even if you try to make this a case of them not having to pay that by non-tendering him.... Schwarber still got $7 mil this year with a $10 mil/$3 mil buy out option for next year. With that savings the cubs brought back Tepera who they also didn't tender a contract and who has been one of the best relievers in baseball. They also brought in Jake Marisnick who's been a very good role player for them.

The cubs are getting more for their money plain and simple.


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Is he stroking Schwabie again?

Yep. He gets player of the week and he goes full emo.

Right after the diatribe about too much of the same thing. Schwarber 73 strike outs and counting. Joc 58. Both have the same BA. Kyle walks more. Kyle ripped 18 Joc 11.

Who cares TBH. Kyle and Almora got axed pre MLB going from 0->30% fans. That was part of the flush. Darvish, Lester denied his opt. Teperia cut.

Shoot Joc was part of the post 30% refill.

Don't be mad that Tom is a cheap ass. Joc had nothing to do with it. And TBH Joc has been better than expected. Good for a few laughs.