I didn't want to admit this, but Kahlil Mack is pretty ordinary at this point.


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I take issue with Hicks on this list. He plays his butt off and is a beast. He has shown with and without star players around him. We keep waiting/expecting a dramatic decline and it doesn't/hasn't happened.

Also Goldman - he has missed one game to injury and wasn't paid last year, so let's wait and see. When he played this preseason, he still looked like a beast.

Nonsense. All the fuckin meatheads on here say otherwise..... :jonesy:


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That's not true. In 18 and 20 Hicks helped Mack a lot. 19 he was out most of the year.
Yea that's what I am saying. He is getting zero help inside. 19 Hicks was injured and in 20 Hicks didn't do shit after week 6 and Goldman was out.


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Maybe the Raiders fans were right and he just takes plays off. He’s been doing it so long at this point he’s just comfortable going though the motions. Maybe that will change it once Justin becomes a starter and can energize the team.
I think thats the only hope I have left. You gotta think most of the D players are already mailing it in cause they know Dalton wont take them anywhere. Nagy is gonna lose this team the longer he pushes for Dalton to be QB1.

Everyone and their mother can see Fields is not only ready, but something special. But the rest of the team gotta sit there and enjoy a meh QB cause Nagy is a moron.


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I know, newsflash, right? I was holding out hope that he was hurt last year and he would come back being at least the guy from 2019, if not 2018. The truth of the matter is, he might even be below average for a starting outside linebacker. I'm actually looking forward to Trevis Gipson taking over snaps in relief.

Again, I know this is obvious to many and I'm slow on the uptake, but the Bears need a youth movement on defense in a big way. A lot of guys are playing on their 2018 reputations.

he was a no show vs Rams, credited with 1/2 a tackle for the whole game. BIG FAIL!


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Mack is still elite. That being said, a smart team would try to move him, Quinn, Cohen and EJax. Try to get what picks you can and free up cap space. This team won’t be making a SB run this year or next year.

Go heavy on OL secondary in FA and the draft.


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Cue the "but he's double teamed" crowd.
If you trust the people that chart this stuff, only 8 players were double teamed more last year. With several others double teamed at around the same rate. I think we all see him getting held with no call on way too many plays.
Can't speak to Sundays game and either way he's not as impactful as his salary dictates but he hasn't been trash as much as people that only look at stats would claim.


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he gets more blind praise from whoever is calling the game than called out for stuff he does on the field. I find that alarming. maybe it has more to do with the defense not really being that good anymore.