If Mitch Struggles should the Bears sign Kaepernick?

Would you be upset if the Bears signed Colin Kaepernick?

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Because kap dont wanna play
He just wants attention
Some of you weirdos would watch kap bone your girl while you watch
Too much white guilt doesnt make you look virtuous to POC it makes you look weak and pathetic


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Yeah good point most people had no idea about Black duds getting shot by police before kap came around.. I mean its not like if a white cop shot a black guy it wanst 24/7 news coverage or anything lol

And saying Laquan McDonald was a unarmed teen is a joke. The police got called because he was trying to break into peoples cars and actually threatened someone with a knife. And when the cops showed up he just ignored them while running around with the knife still in his hand.. Thats a good way to get your dumb ass shot.

Seriously how fucking stupid do you have to be? Your surrounded by cops with there guns pointed at you and you just threatened someone with your knife you still have. whats the end goal here by not just giving up? This dumb ass thought they would just let him go? Or did he think he could take them all out with his knife? What an idiot..

So looking at this as a glass half full.. at least McDonald was removed from the gene pool, last thing society needed is a moron like that reproducing.

And that piece of shit racist cop Van Dyke is behind bars.. win win
You can't sort out the difference between "your" and "you're." I see you also can't wrap your tiny maga brain around the difference between "there" and "their." I don't think you make for a good authority on the gene pool.

But ok boomer.