Is ownership really that bad?


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Aug 28, 2017
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Again this has nothing to do with preference but allowing someone else in charge to stay and make decisions. I've mentioned as many guys as I could for new Team President (DeCosta, Robinson, Peyton Manning...I have no idea who just anyone more credible than Ted/George). I don't pretend to have that intuition as to who is should be- nor have I ever. I'm just a fan like everyone else (even George). If the McCaskeys had a SHRED of humility they would do it...but they don't.

All I want is for them to hire a Team President to pick who the GM....not a panel of people involving Ted and George. The ownership board could then review that President at a later time and review him A LOT more objectively rather than reviewing George. Ted has been terrible, yet George's mother and company say, "Oh its okay've been doing great do what you want."

The organizational mom and pop structure has failed the Bears and it has to stop.
Whether itā€™s a GM, PFO, football czar, or whatever structure you useā€¦GEORGE IS MAKING THE DECISION. There is NO DIFFERENCE between him hiring a GM to run things, or a calling it something else. George is making the decision on who to hire who will then hire everyone underneath him to fill out the front office.