Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?


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The problem is Long didn't get back to OK and Leno regressed significantly. I blame Leno on his part but I do blame Pace on lack of G help. These 2 weeks would be great opportunity to school Coward at G. Even if he misses an assignment, I at least get the feeling he'll target somebody to remove from the play.


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As much as it should be, it isn't. The Bears organization, like many of it's fans, loves them some mediocre, defense first and only football. When this season goes into the dumps, he'll have another unwarranted year with Trubisky.

His overall body of work says that he should go. The Bears have wasted so much time letting things play out and then get behind the 8ball on rebuilding. There was a good decade where the Bears were just good enough to not get top 10 draft picks and Ryan Pace signed just at the right time. Kevin White #7 overall. Out of the league. I remember him making a singular play. Leonard Floyd #9 overall. Another developmental project. Shows flashes but far from consistent. Has had the benefit of playing along great DL talent. Mitchell Trubisky lol. Roquan Smith #9. Been a very good player for the bears but there could potentially be a major issue going on with him. A bizarre "personal reasons" why he misses an important divisional game and the next week looks as bad as he ever had. In his defense, the whole team looked like shit but there could be more to Quans personal issues. If this guy ends up being some year 2 burnout...

Yes, Pace has found some middle round gems. Eddie Jackson is great. His RBs....Not as good as people thought. and thats a position that shouldn't be hard to find. Ditto to interior lineman. Nichols and Goldman are great picks. But you have top 10 picks that you need to hit on because these are supposed to be the foundation of your team for the next 5-10 years. Trubisky at 3 would be bad enough but he gave up some big value for a guy who would have been there, who also happens to be bad.

Our best player on offense. FA. Our best player on defense, traded the farm for him. Second best player on D was a FA. You can't build a team around trades and FA. You have to hit on more draft picks. Oh and his coach, Matt Nagy. BAD! I'd honestly like to see what this D would look like without Mack for an extended period of time, so we can truly see how bad it is. To his credit, the unit as a whole is elite but the offense is so bad that it drags them down. Look at TOP. Look at first downs and third down conversion rate. Look at starting field position on D. These things will gas and eventually injure your star unit. It's already begun. This is the Chicago Bears greatest tradition.

He tied his career to Mitch's and by the end of Mitch's 4th year, they'll both be gone and we do this all over again.

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People need to take their Bears goggles off and look at it from the perspective of if this would have been any other team in the NFC North, how would you rate Ryan Pace's draft abilities? What do the Bears have to show for 4 top ten picks over the last five years?

Leonard Floyd?

Roquan Smith?

"Then there's the curious case of Roquan Smith, the suprememly talented second-year linebacker who entered 2019 as a player ready to take his place among the elite names at his position. Then came the mysterious situation in Week 4 when Smith was deactivated with no explanation from the team or Smith himself. And while speculation ran wild on Twitter and other social media platforms, it's still unclear as to what really happened. Hopefully, Smith is OK and whatever was going on at the time is behind him.

Between the lines, Smith hasn't been great. He's one of the flashiest players on the field, often shooting the gap like a runaway missile and arriving at the ball carrier before any other Bears defender. But he's struggling on plays when it's not so obvious where the ball is or where it's headed. This is especially true in pass coverage, where he's given up 20 receptions on 26 targets (76.9 percent completion rate) for 205 yards. Not great. He was especially bad against the Raiders when Derek Carr when 6-for-6 for 63 yards when targeting Smith."

Anthony Miller?
Adam Shaheen?
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The things I give pace credit for

-he wants someone he gets them. He didn’t risk missing out on his guys and trades up
-the Mack trade
-his late picks
-his choices if they are his on defensive minded coaches has been money

Things I hate
-his free agency has been a disaster with spotted successes
-his strategy to acquire players on offense in both free agency and draft
-he is racist against black qbs


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If they miss the playoffs this year Pace will likely be on the hot seat. If they miss again next year he would probably be fired.