Is this offense not sure what a slant is?


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Much like the Honey Bears ban, Virginia has banned slant routes until the name is changed for racial insensitivity.


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We were informed the reason we did not run slants is because mitch couldn't read and react fast enough.

Seriously...Slant just isn't in nagy's playbook. Like others said, he replaces the slant pass with stupid curls, bubble screens, and swing passes.

You do need the above to become a successful wco.....but nagy uses it as his bread and butter.


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They did when earl the pearl Bennett was here. Well ok crossing routes


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This is one of those weird problems we've seen across multiple coaches/GMs.

Offenses that cannot, or will not, use simple things like slant passes.

Slants can be really fucking annoying and setup lots of other stuff as long as you prove you can execute them.

There's a reason Rodgers tends to establish the slant on our defense and hits us on the nose with it for 4-6 yards and 1st downs again and again, it is a nice reliable play that a good QB can identify and throw for easy 1st downs and TDs (sometimes).

The fact this team continually struggles to run ordinary quick slants to give the QB a reliable play/outlet when the defense is constantly pressuring with heavy blitz packages, is just kinda astounding.

It has gone on since Ron Turner and Lovie Smith and continued under ever coach/GM.

For some reason the Bears think they are above doing the simple things on offense, always need to be a "step ahead".

When's the last game you saw any of our coaches just pick one thing and beat an opponent to death with it like we see done to us quite often?

The Lions are a team we should have been able to pick on, find the weakness, punch them in the weak spot over and over, where it feels like you're cheating to win because of how well it works.

Lions were winless when they played us, but we couldn't figure out their weakness so we could rag doll them lol.