IST: Cubs at Pirates


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This is not a play off team.

Selling a ace and replacing with 3 one year deals of lower talented players is not a smart way of creating a play off team.

It is fluff.

Williams low investment IP absorber.

Jake was a fan appeasement.

Davies was to reflip.

Trying to argue Davies vs Darvish is a waste of time.

Darvish can pitch at cy young levels. Davies at best is a MOR if he has a strong command year.
And that's my point. Neither player matters if you're not making the playoffs. As for Darvish being an ace... what happens if he's 2018 darvish or 2019 darvish? People sitting here justifying that Darvish is amazing because of a season that started in July and a season where he vastly out performed his career HR/FB rate are nuts. I'm sorry but that's how I see it. The guy is 34 and has been average at best 2 of the last 3 seasons. The argument was never Davies is a #1/2 pitcher. The argument is that Darvish very recently was not even a #2 pitcher in terms of the quality he put out. And that also discounts the fact that throughout his career he's not really been the most durable pitcher. He's only had 3 seasons where he's made 30+ starts.

If SD milks 2-3 more good years out of him then good for them. But I'm over the hand wringing people are doing about losing a 34 year old pitcher who most were done with prior to 2020.