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Oh, at first I thought this was your come to Jesus moment that you realized covid is contagious and real


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This team is DONE emotionally, mentally and psychologically; combination of hearing they are in a "re-load" and then hearing they will "re-build" and playing with about 1/8th of a deck just about every game. The players who start now are mostly journeymen or guys who have had not one but two poor seasons. Their core players have to be shell shocked, including Hendricks, Contreras (now on IL). On top of everything else, they hear Rizzo state he never saw a contract for extension, Bryant similar; bottom line despite being pro's they are without virtually any reason (other than to get paid) to perform at a high level. These guys are "shell shocked and having the Brewers score 76 runs against them in the past 8 games is further shock and awe. They also might read this forum and see what the fans think of the team, management and this bunch of players....... Makes a fan wonder if they will win 30% of their remaining games this year or turn it around. Not saying they have given up, but this is as tough as it can get......