It’s time for Hawks to separate from Bowman


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I understand that people feel it’s not on the players, but at the same time, when the players are insulting the victim and making jokes at his expense, that’s when it draws the line. Zombie if the player was Pat Sharp or Big Buff, this whole story would be different.
Court of public opinion be damned, almost every hockey player, or for that matter athlete, is in a position where "people" like Aldrich and Gary can hold their careers hostage. Doesn't matter if they are over the age of majority, that creates a psychological dynamic in which we, the outsiders, cannot assume they'd think rationally and logically.

While any player who made fun of the victims is certainly an asshole and should get their comeuppance, Even players like Kane or Toews couldn't do much without risking (or the illusion of risking) their careers by rocking the boat when allegedly, all of the upper management wanted a cover-up.

I think some of the players have a lot to own up to in this case, but realistically Aldrich, Gary (who told the victims what happened was their fault, which is a fucking disgusting thing for a psychologist to say), and any upper management involved in the cover-up or letter of recommendation should bear the brunt of the fallout--up to and including a stint in prison.

Source: My wife, who is a forensic psychologist and deals with shit like this every single day and is well-versed on the topic.

Now, that being said I agree with you on Bowman, but I think he might have pictures of Rocky in a compromising position or something; I get the feeling they'll try to pin this all on McDonut, even though I think anyone in the management of the 'hawks that tried to cover this up should have their ass served to them on a silver platter.

No matter how you slice this, it stinks.